Dating Success: Dress to Attract the Man of Your Dreams

Written by Terry Hernon MacDonald

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Atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 145633 day, you don't want to attract a guy because he thinks you're hot. You want to attract a guy who likes you for you. Dress sexily but subtly. You don't want your clothes to scream, "I gotta find me a man tonight!"

Dress comfortably. If you feel comfortable, you'll look comfortable, and that's sexy. Here's an example: Once upon a time I went torepparttar 145634 beach with some friends who actually have melanin in their skin. They took to their blankets in their cute bikinis, while I (so pale I make Snow White look like Grace Jones) sat beside them wearing Levis, a long-sleeved shirt, and sunglasses.

Out of nowhere, a gorgeous, well-toned man appeared (the type of guy you see in suntan lotion commercials) and asked me,repparttar 145635 freak onrepparttar 145636 beach, what I was reading.

"Wuthering Heights," I said.

"Really?" he asked. "I just finished Jane Eyre."

And so began a little romance.

Still bewildered, I told my male friend B. this story years later. I didn't understand why this Adonis chose Glow-in-the-Dark Terry overrepparttar 145637 dark lovelies in bikinis.

"I understand completely," B. responded. "The beach was crawling with girls in bikinis, and you presented something else. A little mystery."

"In a pair of Levis?"

"Yeah," he said. "The guy probably thought, this girl is different. I want to talk to her."

Does this mean you should throw away your bikini? Heck, no, especially if you look good in it. Butrepparttar 145638 point is, be true to yourself. Dress to makerepparttar 145639 very best of your unique and beautiful body.

You'll attract men who are looking for someone special for a change.

Terry Hernon MacDonald is the author of "How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams." Visit her website at . Check out her blog at .

Whatís Cool?

Written by Garry Munro

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The Internet has put us much closer than ever before to finding things that are cool, so start searching to findrepparttar cool things ofrepparttar 145416 world.

Is everything different cool? Of course not, what is cool to me maybe un-cool to you, youírerepparttar 145417 judge of your own cool world, isnít that COOL!

Garry Munro is a consultant & coach who has his blogsite at which has some really COOL stuff on it!

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