Dating Advice: Ladies, Stop Worrying About Your Looks!

Written by Terry Hernon MacDonald

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Sure, it's great to berepparttar prettiest girl inrepparttar 139866 room, but you never want to attractrepparttar 139867 type of man who wantsrepparttar 139868 prettiest girl inrepparttar 139869 room!You want a man who wants you for you, not for your white teeth, tapered nose, or tight hamstrings. You want a man who'll love you now and will love you three weeks after you give birth, despite stretch marks.

It's better to be less attractive when you meetrepparttar 139870 man of your dreams than after you marry him. But, instead, most women look great while they're casting their nets for a husband, and then let themselves go after they catch him (men are guilty of this, too).

Do itrepparttar 139871 other way around. Afterrepparttar 139872 wedding, reward your guy for havingrepparttar 139873 good taste to marry you by keeping up your looks. By all means, encourage him to dorepparttar 139874 same for you.

Inrepparttar 139875 meantime, focus on your good qualities. Explore your hobbies and interests, allrepparttar 139876 things that make you special. Go out intorepparttar 139877 world with your shoulders held back. You are a wonder ofrepparttar 139878 world, and some man will be very lucky to have you.

Trust him to know that when he sees you.

Terry Hernon MacDonald is the happily married author of "How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams." Visit her website at Nightowls all over the universe can tune into her radio show, "Romance Talk with Terry," at 11PM/PST Friday at

Pregnancy Fashion - Look And Feel Great During Your Pregnancy!

Written by Beverley Brooke

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Here are some maternity wearing tips that will help you during your pregnancy:

- Grab a rubber band. Forrepparttar first few months you can secure your jeans using a rubber band hooked throughrepparttar 139865 eye of your jeans and wrapped aroundrepparttar 139866 button. This will give you an extra inch or two of space inrepparttar 139867 months that you are too small for maternity clothes.

- Invest in a couple of comfy skirts. Long skirts with expandable waists work great inrepparttar 139868 early months of pregnancy.

Purchase just a few maternity items that you can mix and match. Consider for example a pair of jeans and a pair of slacks, and maybe a few different shirts and accessories that can go with both. If you work in an office environment that is very formal, consider one or two suits that can easily be accessorized or mixed with several different shirts.

Invest in an item or two one size too big. Often you just need a pair of jeans one size larger than normal to get you throughrepparttar 139869 first few months of pregnancy.

Maternity clothes can be expensive, and remember you will only be wearing them for nine months. The good news is many online shops offered discounts on their maternity wear. You might also consider purchasing your maternity wear at a well known second hand shop. If you are a first time mom, you’ll undoubtedly find that many moms try to pawn off their old maternity items on you. This makes it even easier to shop!

Article by Beverley Brooke Visit for more on pregnancy fashion and maternity clothes

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