Dating - The Safe & Fun Way

Written by Becky Mentyra

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4) Be careful aboutrepparttar place for your date. It should be convenient spot for both of you. It should not be very formal nor too informal. A cool location where you can talk, hear and understand each other.

5) Leave contact details of your date with a close friend. It should be done by bothrepparttar 105651 parties as it is to do with your safety and security. Disaster never comes in knocking, it simply barges in.

6) Remember to go dutch onrepparttar 105652 expenses ofrepparttar 105653 first date so that no one has to bearrepparttar 105654 financial obligation alone. You will have ample opportunity to show your chivalry if things work out favourably.

7) The word dating, years later, evokes nostalgia as each date brings you closer to someone with whom you would like to spendrepparttar 105655 rest of your life.

So stop pondering over these guidelines. Get going!

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Infidelity...Who Cares?

Written by Steven Jackson

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Their whining, crying and pouting about their infidelity problems to us (the readers) act as if we are super heros. Super heros who can resolve their nightmares.

Infidelity...who cares?

Besides infidelity is part ofrepparttar norm of our society.

It's "The American Why!"

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