Data Backup Solution: Why you need a backup plan in place Ė Part 1

Written by Joe Duchesne

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Computer hard drives do crash

If theft doesn't get your computer, a hard drive failure certainly might. Hard drives arerepparttar devices in your computer that storerepparttar 149043 information on your computer. Your computers' long term memory if you will. They are built with rotating mechanical parts. These parts break down. If they break down, your data can be gone. Are you prepared?

Data on a hard drive can often be recovered by expert data retrieval houses but their prices usually start at $10,000 and up. Want to avoid such costly recovering options? Establish a data backup solution.

A fire can wipe out your computers and your data

If computer theft or hard drive failure don't destroyrepparttar 149044 data on your computers, a fire certainly might. This threat speaks to an off site backup storage solution. Whilerepparttar 149045 first two can be averted by simply burning a CD of your most critical data, fire can destroy your CD's too if they aren't stored off site. Fire is just one more reason why a data backup solution needs to be a part of your vocabulary and your action plan.

Protecting your data just makes good common sense. If you have data that you don't want to loose Ė and most of us do Ė you owe it to yourself to protect your data. The next article in this series gives you some simple steps you can follow to protect yourself from data loss.

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Build Your Own Computer

Written by George W. Cannata

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Make a list of allrepparttar components that you require. Check offrepparttar 148898 ones that are included inrepparttar 148899 kit. This establishes what other parts you need. If you have sme parts that you can use, check them off. Now you know what you have to buy. For in-depth detailed instructions on how to do this visitrepparttar 148900 computer page on:

Often times itís less expensive to buy allrepparttar 148901 componments you require fomrepparttar 148902 vendor ofrepparttar 148903 kits. This is because of shipping charges, which are part of your over-all cost. But sometime parts you can get at auction can be so inexpensive that itís worthwhile to payrepparttar 148904 shipping charges.

All barebones kits come with an instruction manual and a phone number where you can get technical support. Neither is very good. People who donít understand English very well writerepparttar 148905 manuals andrepparttar 148906 technical support is like most free things. Actually, itís not free, they are toll numbers. And are almost always busy. However most manufacturers have very good online help where you can trouble shoot if you have a problem.

Vendors that sell barebones kits usually have a thirty-day return policy. Try to do your building before it expires because if you go beyond that limit then you have to deal withrepparttar 148907 manufacturer which can be a hassle. Itís much easier and may avoid expensive shipping charges if you deal withrepparttar 148908 seller.

When you selectrepparttar 148909 components you require be sure that you procure compatible parts. Hard drives have different interfaces. Memory comes in many variations; some memory only works in specific motherboards. If you userepparttar 148910 wrong type your machine wonít work.

Once you have everything assembled, and your PC boots, you can install your operating system. This can berepparttar 148911 most difficult prt ofrepparttar 148912 operation. If you are using a new hard drive itís fairly easy. It will come with instructions and software for installingrepparttar 148913 OS. If youíre using a used HD, then you have to format it. The best way to do this is to look atrepparttar 148914 hard drve and getrepparttar 148915 manufacturer and model number ofrepparttar 148916 unit. Then you can downloadrepparttar 148917 instructions and software to perform this task.

Even if you donít save a fortune, you can end up withrepparttar 148918 computer that you want and have a sense of accomplishment.

Written by: George W. Cannata the publisher of the web sites ďCaveat Emptor ď http:// July 8,2005.

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