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Written by Camille Jacks

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eCriteria plans to offer licensing and channel partner opportunities for its Web database publishing technology forrepparttar purpose of integration with blog publishers.

A Word Fromrepparttar 133559 CEO

“Blogs represent an exciting new collaborative technology that’s beginning to find significant success in business settings,” says Dan D. Gutierrez, eCriteria’s founder and CEO. “We see broad-based market potential by embedding our secure Web databases in business blogs, and with this initiative we hope to help enhance their acceptance as a useful tool atrepparttar 133560 enterprise level.”

eCriteria is a self-funded spin-off venture of 18 year-old AMULET Development Corp. (, a database back-end web development and e-commerce integration firm based in Los Angeles. eCriteria defines a new genre of ASP called a Database Service Provider (DSP), providing a facility for quick, easy, and cost effective publishing of “shrink-wrap” web databases. eCriteria requires no programming or knowledge of databases. Usingrepparttar 133561 Web Database Publishing Wizard, Data Authors may create their own web databases in minutes. The site is located at

Public Relations Manager Amulet Development Corp.

The Big White Golf Ball

Written by Ieuan Dolby

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Oh deary me! Scratching ofrepparttar head ensues and attempts at throwingrepparttar 133558 computer or phone overrepparttar 133559 side are resisted. It is then that an Engineer happens to be passing by and that he notices thatrepparttar 133560 Captain is suffering from high blood pressure. Then a couple of mouse clicks laterrepparttar 133561 whole problem is solved,repparttar 133562 missing file relocated orrepparttar 133563 email winging its way upwards or acrossrepparttar 133564 blue ocean. Yes, I have found thatrepparttar 133565 majority of Engineers have an easier grasp or ability to understand computers andrepparttar 133566 software involved than haverepparttar 133567 Navigators. Not sure why and I am not going to get into this subject but believe me it is fact!

Satellite phones also changedrepparttar 133568 way of communication withrepparttar 133569 outside world. Before all communication from and torepparttar 133570 ship went viarepparttar 133571 Captain. Every piece of writing could be censored or displayed atrepparttar 133572 Masters discretion but nowadays Chief Engineers, Mates and even Second Engineers are sending their own stores orders and emails to Head Office. Engineers talk directly to Superintendents about their mechanical problems, mates read incoming emails when alone on watch and all can be done without others being able to oversee or hear what is being said. The satellite phone has brought torepparttar 133573 ship a sense of industry ashore,repparttar 133574 ability to communicate and talk easily when and where you want without having to wait for a week or two or without having to use an intermediary to passrepparttar 133575 messages along.

Nowadays a ship without some form of email/sat communication is improbable and all at sea are fully familiar withrepparttar 133576 system and expect to be able to use it when and where they want. All part of being at sea inrepparttar 133577 Modern day Merchant Navy one could say! Emails and mobile phones have become a part of life everywhere so why should seafarers be any different? Now with such systems being commonplace calls are cheaper and affordable. Emails can be written wheneverrepparttar 133578 computer is free and sent at minimal cost, this cost often being carried byrepparttar 133579 company as pennies rather than pounds are involved.

Imaginerepparttar 133580 future, instant diagnosis of engine problems, expert advice at hand forrepparttar 133581 engineers. The Engineers have a serious problem and have broken down inrepparttar 133582 middle ofrepparttar 133583 Atlantic Ocean. They are scratching their heads as to what has gone wrong andrepparttar 133584 only people that can help them are 2000miles away in an Office unaware as torepparttar 133585 drifting vessels plight. Today we can call these experts up and describerepparttar 133586 problem and thus gain invaluable insight into what may be wrong or what they can possibly do to rectifyrepparttar 133587 problem. The future gives them this: A mobile phone to take down torepparttar 133588 work site, a video camera to send instant pictures of area and problems to Head Office, a recording of full conversation to replay later (for insurance and blame), instant download of possible solution or temporary repair ofrepparttar 133589 problem and immediate advice fromrepparttar 133590 expert ashore who can see exactly what is going on.

Yep, that isrepparttar 133591 future that we will look towards, a few years downrepparttar 133592 line we have gone from haphazard and unstable radio communication to instant and clear access anywhere anytime!

What willrepparttar 133593 next fifteen years bring? Whatever it may be just make sure that you have an Engineer at hand.

Ieuan Dolby 10th October 2002

Ieuan Dolby is the Author and Webmaster of Seamania . As a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy he has sailed the world for fifteen years. Now living in Taiwan he writes about cultures across the globe and life as he sees it.

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