Dare to Dream

Written by Deepshikha Mohapatro

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Now if you are thinking I got married to a rich man then you are wrong. I married someone who also loved to dream and we worked together being each others strength and life changed it became beautiful and with each day it turns more beautiful, even with itís little upís and downs.

No matter who you are wherever you are from donít stop dreaming. It is a beautiful part of life. Dream and believe in your dreams. Reach out for them; they are waiting to be yours.

I am a freelance writer from India.

Tips for choosing the right wedding cake

Written by Sher Matsen

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Match your cake withrepparttar colors of your wedding theme Ėrepparttar 143284 colors ofrepparttar 143285 flowers orrepparttar 143286 color of your bridesmaid dresses are popular choices Traditional wedding cake is fruit cake with white icing More traditional choices are chocolate or orange cake, sponge cake or carrot cake. To be able to keeprepparttar 143287 top layer ofrepparttar 143288 cake it must be a fruit cake. Order your wedding cake 6 months to a year in advance. The month you are getting married in is important becauserepparttar 143289 type of cake you choose may not work well withrepparttar 143290 season. For example, mouse in wedding cakes does not work well duringrepparttar 143291 hot month of August. Winter wedding cakes have fewer restrictions. Questions to ask your Bakery and or Baker 1) Are samples available to try before you buy? Just because a cake looks good doesnít mean it will taste good, or not be as hard as a rock. Best to taste test so youíre not disappointed.. 2) When isrepparttar 143292 last day I can make changes? By finding out whenrepparttar 143293 last day you can make changes is, you will most likely be gettingrepparttar 143294 answer as to when they will be starting your cake.. 3) Do you deliver? Cakes do not ship well, so unless youíve made arrangements for someone to pick your cake up and bring it torepparttar 143295 reception, it is best ifrepparttar 143296 bakery can deliver it. 4) How do you ship your wedding cakes? 80% of wedding cake damage occurs during shipping. Shipping is also your friend picking it up in their car. The cake needs to be packed properly to ensure it arrives atrepparttar 143297 reception intact. 5) Should something go wrong what is your back up plan? Many will say that they either have no plans or that nothing will go wrong. Not a good enough answer. When itísrepparttar 143298 day before your wedding and something goes wrong itís too late to come up with a backup plan. 6) How much would it be for regular cakesrepparttar 143299 same size asrepparttar 143300 wedding cake? This will determine if you are being gouged or not. As with all elements of your wedding planning and preparation are important. Deciderepparttar 143301 type of cake, get pricing, and order early. Then you can place another nice big fat checkmark on your ďto do listĒ.

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