Dancing With Our Shadow

Written by Judi Singleton

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The shadow contains all we judge as unacceptable to showrepparttar world. We expend huge amounts of energy hiding this side of ourselves fromrepparttar 135742 world and ourselves. Huge parts of ourself is lost inrepparttar 135743 shadow side. When we reclaim this part of ourselves dreams are realized. The energy we were using to surpress all of these "unwanted orphan part of ourself" is made available to us once more. As long as we will not adopt our poor orphan side of ourself and claim her, bring her torepparttar 135744 light and celebrate her we are at war with ourselves. We will continue to draw people into our lives that will mirror for us. This isrepparttar 135745 Universe trying so hard to show usrepparttar 135746 inner, give us a chance to heal. Embracing our shadow allows us to reclaimrepparttar 135747 power we once gave away. Our wounds are transformed into wisdom andrepparttar 135748 parts of us we once believed to be our deepest flaws are revealed as our greatest assets.

Embracing our shadows isrepparttar 135749 ultimate act of self-love. Shadow work is not about becoming perfect it is about becoming all that we can be. It is about giving torepparttar 135750 world allrepparttar 135751 talents, abilities and light that we were born with and in this giving of ourselves we discover we are powerful.

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Change for Better...

Written by Terry Dashner

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Secondly, he stayedrepparttar course. This is vital to victory. Holdrepparttar 135585 line. Remain steadfast. Donít give up. Jesus sawrepparttar 135586 man later and told him to refrain from going backwards. He told him to sin no more or a worse condition might come on him. The most powerful thing a man or woman can do is stayrepparttar 135587 course in life. Stay connected with God. Donít get blessed and then turn away from Godís blessings. Keep uprepparttar 135588 good fight of faith untilrepparttar 135589 last breath. Again, perseverance isrepparttar 135590 most powerful force, in line with godliness.

And then last, tell somebody what God has done for you. As soon asrepparttar 135591 man knew who healed him, he began to publish it abroad. He began to tell people what Jesus had done for him. This, too, is powerful. Thatís right. A manís testimony regardingrepparttar 135592 grace of God not only overcomesrepparttar 135593 devil, but it renewsrepparttar 135594 man speaking it and savesrepparttar 135595 one who hears and receives it.

How can we change our results? We change our actions. The action is in hearing and receivingrepparttar 135596 commands of God. The action is in stayingrepparttar 135597 course with God. The action is telling everyone who is capable of changingóJesus isrepparttar 135598 master potter.

Man is clay. He isrepparttar 135599 potter ofrepparttar 135600 clay. He, and He alone, can changerepparttar 135601 clay into pottery of beauty. If man responds in faith, staysrepparttar 135602 course, and tells everybody that Jesus isrepparttar 135603 one who makesrepparttar 135604 change for better.

Pastor T.dash

A pastor of a small church.

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