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Barbara Cartland touched so many lives. Our thanks go to Ian McCorquodale for providing us with his mothers final farewell - "How I want to be Remembered", a document detailing her family history and an insight into her ninety six years which have been saddened by family tragedy and ecstatically happy through her love of her family.

Barbara acknowledges that she has been shown great kindness and also a certain amount of teasing and ridicule byrepparttar Press. However, according to her publishers she has produced 724 books, sold over a billion copies and enteredrepparttar 137401 Guinness Book of Records asrepparttar 137402 best selling author inrepparttar 137403 World. Published in every country this amazing lady can afford to rise above those who might make fun of her. This marvellous woman is beyond ridicule and has no need to prove anything to anyone. The facts speak for themselves. Barbara Cartland isrepparttar 137404 most successful writer of romantic fiction of all time. And - she was born in Birmingham!

Barbara Cartland was an amazingly prolific author. When her books were selling so well inrepparttar 137405 late 1970's, her American and English publishers came to her and asked for more Barbara Cartlands to satisfyrepparttar 137406 demanding audience.

She then doubled her output from 10 books a year to 20 books a year, and this atrepparttar 137407 age of 77! She kept this up, extraordinarily for 20 years, betweenrepparttar 137408 ages of 77 and 97. This is something that has never been achieved before by any author.

Eventually, even her publishers could not cope with her output and when she died in 2000 she left a legacy of 160 unpublished manuscripts which are now being published by her son, Ian, onrepparttar 137409 internet and by mail order, underrepparttar 137410 banner ofrepparttar 137411 Barbara Cartland Pink Collection.

Will there ever again be a writer with such genius and prolific writing skills?


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An Easy Way to Make Money With EBooks

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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You can find many such EBooks easily online though. Often they're promoted as having "resell rights". This usually means that once you've boughtrepparttar book at regular prices, you also got a license to sell that book to others at full price too. The main downside to this of course, is that you have to pay separately for each EBook you want to resell, andrepparttar 137018 prices can vary widely. Some EBook resell rights can be bought for just $30 or so, while others cost $150. I've even seen some that require several thousand dollars to get resell rights to.

There are a few services available online that allow you to pay one monthly fee though, and they'll give you resell rights to many books at once. The best one I've found actually publishes two new EBooks every single month. They're great quality, priced well, and come with a pre-written sales letter. You can even add your affiliate links torepparttar 137019 EBooks, and this gives yourepparttar 137020 potential to earn more money from other sources withinrepparttar 137021 Books themselves.

Another reason I like this particular Book Clubrepparttar 137022 best though, is because they don't give you all business and marketing books. You get books that you can sell to real people, on a variety of topics. Books about diabetes, travel, and blogging for instance, are just a few examples ofrepparttar 137023 wide variety of topics they provide. This makes it much easier to start sellingrepparttar 137024 books immediately, because you're not trying to enter heavily saturated, fiercely competitive markets. Get more information on this EBook service here: http://www.ElectronicPerceptions.com/EBooks/income/

Sorepparttar 137025 easiest, fastest way to make money online is by selling information products that are already written. You simply pay a small fee, set up your sales mechanisms, then advertise. That's it. You can actually start getting sales - receiving real money - within minutes of getting set up.

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