Damanhur and Time Travel (Viewing)

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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“Is thatrepparttar opinion of Derek andrepparttar 137128 others at Damanhur?”

“I think so.”

“There are many ‘experts’ who say that light speed is still not transcendable or that time is linear and it is not possible to do many things that I posit in these pages, I know. I offer up this site to these people and say thatrepparttar 137129 whole truth of what Black Ops and other agents of real knowledge pursue is not underrepparttar 137130 control of NASA or The Smithsonian and other public or relatively transparent structure of academia and government. Here is a site worth looking into that discusses some ofrepparttar 137131 things that many have known for a long time. It does not includerepparttar 137132 Catholic scholar/physicist who reportedly has developed a chronovisor in conjunction with Werner von Braun and Fermi’s inputs that would be similar to one thingrepparttar 137133 Philosopher’s Stone could achieve (http://www.lerc.nasa.gov/WWW/bpp/TM-107289.htm).

‘Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti (1925-1994) was a Benedictine priest, scientist, and world-class authority on "archaic" music (pre-Christian to 10th century A.D.). He claimed to have yoked quantum physics torepparttar 137134 occult arts to construct a time-machine--repparttar 137135 chronovisor. Father Ernetti said he had traveled to Rome in 169 B.C. to witness a performance ofrepparttar 137136 now-lost tragedy, Thyestes, byrepparttar 137137 father of Latin poetry, Quintus Ennius. He claimed to have usedrepparttar 137138 chronovisor to watch Christ dying onrepparttar 137139 cross. Why would so distinguished a churchman have feltrepparttar 137140 need to confabulate such a story? Isrepparttar 137141 Vatican suppressingrepparttar 137142 full truth of Father Ernetti’s life and achievements?’ (5)”

It was clear to Sean that he would have to take a taxi home asrepparttar 137143 wine flowed and his body began to succumb to its cumulative effect.

“Pessimism has depths of feeling and this ideology as prophetic or simply reported as it may be - is worse than any mere pessimism. I prefer to think there are at least some members of our race who have a part to play in all of this. I prefer a 'conspiracy' to a technological determinism. But Martin Heidegger does identify an argument for acting before it is too late. Are there any moral players left in philosophy? Certainly there are, but it is entirely possible they won't be found teaching philosophy in schools. Why assume any Platonic or reversal of same, attitudes with games to control others? Why engage energy in destructive morality? The essence he should have studied is inrepparttar 137144 beauty of each child and onrepparttar 137145 ripples ofrepparttar 137146 waves that signalrepparttar 137147 passing of what carries us towards our potential. Let all people knowrepparttar 137148 truth which he defines as 'disclosure and unconcealment'. We are ofrepparttar 137149 opinion this kind of truth is a necessity for change and creativity. It is often bandied about as 'transparency' in financial circles. If all mankind were able to know these truths then there might be a revival of humanity and an end to cybernetics!” Sean almost croaked as his wits crescendoed into blather and they parted company.

Columnist for The ES Press Author of Diverse Druids Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries.com


Written by Terry Dashner

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Hunnex continues, “Historically theologians have almost always borrowedrepparttar methods and models of philosophy to help them in their work. While this is to a certain extent necessary, it has also subjected Christian faith torepparttar 137047 influence and fate ofrepparttar 137048 philosophy. Whenrepparttar 137049 philosophy in question is abandoned,repparttar 137050 theology that leaned on it is threatened if not abandoned too. Platonism in its many forms wasrepparttar 137051 first philosophy ofrepparttar 137052 Christian theologians, but its dualism and otherworldliness gave way torepparttar 137053 more monistic and naturalistic philosophy of Aristotle inrepparttar 137054 thirteenth century. It was partlyrepparttar 137055 distortions of biblical Christianity introduced by Aristotelian philosophy that promptedrepparttar 137056 Reformers to revolt inrepparttar 137057 sixteenth century.

“Unable to assimilate eitherrepparttar 137058 naturalism or Aristotle or that ofrepparttar 137059 scientific revolution, Protestant theology eventually turned to idealism asrepparttar 137060 modern philosophy best adapted to Christian belief. Modern liberalism made its home amongrepparttar 137061 idealists duringrepparttar 137062 nineteenth century. After World War I it became apparent that idealism was ill suited torepparttar 137063 twentieth century, and theologians as well as philosophers abandoned it. They turned instead to existentialism asrepparttar 137064 kind of philosophy that did appear to fitrepparttar 137065 mood and needs ofrepparttar 137066 twentieth century. Existentialism seemed to berepparttar 137067 best philosophy for getting atrepparttar 137068 problems of men caught up in swift-moving change.”

I could continue but I’ll suffice in saying this: “Harry Emerson Fosdick once noted that it was not a question of a new or an old theology but a question of a new theology or none at all. Onrepparttar 137069 contrary I shall contend, says Hunnex, “that it is not a question of a new or an old theology but a question ofrepparttar 137070 same gospel or no gospel at all.” I concur. How about you?

Keeprepparttar 137071 faith. Stayrepparttar 137072 course. Jesus is coming again because He said He was.

Pastor T.Dash

Pastors a small church in Oklahoma.

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