Daily weight loss motivation

Written by Ben Sather

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The motivation to lose weight may not come fromrepparttar same place every day. If you can develop some strategies for keeping your daily motivation high, you are much more likely to be successful and bounce back quickly if you have any setbacks. Whatever you ultimately see as your motivation for losing weight, you do not have to facerepparttar 105980 challenge alone.

There are resources and people available for anyone who takesrepparttar 105981 time to seek them. Make a daily commitment to do at least one thing in support of your goal, and you may soon find thatrepparttar 105982 behaviors that support weight loss have become second nature to you!

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Lose 104 Pounds in a Year

Written by Deirdre Jones

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You can start by not skipping meals. This slows your metabolism even further. Try to eat five or six small meals a day to keep your metabolism revved up and burning those calories.

Exercise - think you just don't haverepparttar time? How about a quick ten minute walk two or three times a day? That adds up to 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day. And you getrepparttar 105979 same benefits as exercising all at once. As a matter of fact, you get your metabolism going more often when you break exercise into manageable chunks.

Slow and steady weight loss is beneficial to your body AND helps you to adjust to new eating and exercise habits.

Besides, with everything else in life rushing by, why not slow something down? You'll feel great when that weight drops off and stays off, torepparttar 105980 tune of 104 pounds in only a year.

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