DVD The Ultimate Consumer Digital Media

Written by Jay Corrao

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Conservative estimates as torepparttar longevity of DVD are upwards of 35 years or more with proper handling. This is due torepparttar 145083 fact thatrepparttar 145084 only thing that touchesrepparttar 145085 DVD’s surface during playback is a tiny laser beam. Whereas VHS playback requiresrepparttar 145086 use of a mechanical head that actually comes in contact withrepparttar 145087 tape and degradesrepparttar 145088 surface. Now withrepparttar 145089 Advent of D-Skin disc protectors™ which is a plastic cover that can be placed onrepparttar 145090 DVD and left on during playbackrepparttar 145091 durability factor has just increased significantly.

For archiving DVD isrepparttar 145092 ultimate digital media not only because of its compact dimensions and ample storage space; 4.7 GB single sided & 9.4 GB double-sided or dual-layer respectively. But because ofrepparttar 145093 many different kinds of data that can be stored on it. Photos, movies, audio, text, graphics and other media types can all co-exist on a single disc. This kind of versatility is just not possible with any other readily available media.

As forrepparttar 145094 future of DVD; advances in technology will seerepparttar 145095 advent of greater storage capacity, higher video and audio quality, and an ever expanding feature set.

Jay Corrao is the founder and president of Memory Archivers, a video production company based in Apple Valley Minnesota. His company specializes in wedding and event videograpy, video biographies, and consumer digital archiving.

www.memoryarchivers.com jay@memoryarchivers.com

Seeing Sound: VJs Create Music Videos in 3D

Written by Scott G (The G-Man)

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The creation of a music video used to require days or weeks for preparation and a production schedule that utilized a crew of people, including producer, director, cinematographer, and a host of technical professionals. Now, one person can plan it in a matter of hours and make 3 or 4 real-time performances ofrepparttar video, with a quick edit to userepparttar 145043 best parts of each one.

"Visuals are stimulated and changed immediately and constantly byrepparttar 145044 audio mix," Brewington points out, "becauserepparttar 145045 software drawsrepparttar 145046 scenes from audio and midi messages in real-time."

The imagery produces a strikingly realistic appearance of three dimensions asrepparttar 145047 viewer seems to be moving over, under, around, and even through glowing, spinning objects. "The result is a harmonious visual confirmation forrepparttar 145048 mind's eye, connecting what you see onrepparttar 145049 screen withrepparttar 145050 sounds you are hearing," states Jimmy Hotz of 3dMaxMedia.

Gone arerepparttar 145051 days ofrepparttar 145052 12-person "light show" crew fromrepparttar 145053 late sixties or early seventies. More than three decades have passed sincerepparttar 145054 light show was taken to great heights by such legendary artists as Single Wing Turquoise Bird, Glenn McKay's Head Lights, and Bill Ham's Light Sound Dimension.

These creators, as well as New Glory Lights, Brotherhood of Light, Joshua Lights, and Diogenes Lantern Works, once formedrepparttar 145055 visual backdrop (or surround vision, inrepparttar 145056 case of Ronald Nameth's work for John Cage's HPSCHD) for major concerts. But instead ofrepparttar 145057 big crews required for these events,repparttar 145058 one-person VJ is now taking over. The speed of creativity is higher than ever,repparttar 145059 costs are more reasonable, andrepparttar 145060 complexity ofrepparttar 145061 animation is spectacular inrepparttar 145062 extreme.

The 'Squealorama' video can be viewed onrepparttar 145063 Web site of Delvian Records, distributor of The G-Man's albums. Here isrepparttar 145064 link: http://www.delvianrecords.com/html/videos.html

Links for this story: http://www.gmanmusic.com http://www.soundbrew.net http://www.3dmaxmedia.com http://www.delvianrecords.com

Contact: Brian Forest, Immedia Wire Service and G-Man Music; immedia@pacbell.net; 818-223-8486 and 213-369-7619.

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Scott G owns commercial production firm G-Man Music & Radical Radio in Los Angeles, where he has completed voiceover and music compositions for Verizon Wireless, Goodrich, The Auto Club, Micron, NASSCO and many others. A member of NARIP and NARAS, his music is on the Web at iTunes. John Brewington (VJ Sound Brew) creates live, interactive, 3D imagery for concerts, music videos, corporate events, and commercials.

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