DVD Recorders: Getting Started

Written by Bear Cahill

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Many recorders and players do both, but cost more. I say save some money, pick one (probably DVD-R) and move on. If you pickrepparttar wrong one, chances are in a couple years you'll be buying a new one anyway. Moreover, you'll probably be able to get a cheap one w/ a built in converter or two trays to duplicate one torepparttar 133378 other.

DVD-RAM and DVD-RW arerepparttar 133379 rewritable types. They're more expensive and for my purposes aren't worth worrying about.

My Recommendation

I gotrepparttar 133380 Panasonic DMR-E55K:

It records to DVD-R like a VCR. I don't use it to record live TV so I don't use VCR+, but it has it. Also, it has TimeSlip which lets you watch something while it's recording (start recording "24" at 8pm and start watching it fromrepparttar 133381 begining at 8:20 to speed thru commercials like a TiVo). Again, I don't use this, but it has it.

Plain and simple, it records my TiVo, camcorder, digital camera (RCA cable output), VCR, etc. to DVD - that's what I want it to do and that's what it does. It's easy, creates a good menu w/ thumbnails and my chosen titles, it's a name brand w/ good reviews and was fairly cheap (there was a rebate atrepparttar 133382 time).

Also, it plays CDs and mp3 CDs w/ a good interface so not only does it replace a CD player, but since you can put so many songs on one CD, it replaces a CD changer.

An interesting trick: If you have a digital camera w/ RCA cable output, you can hook it directly intorepparttar 133383 dvd recorder and create a quick slide-show dvd. Many cameras even have a slide show function built in! You can userepparttar 133384 sound from a music channel, CD, etc.


If you're going gung-ho into allrepparttar 133385 nitty gritty about DVD recorders, you're either just starting here or haven't bothered to read this far. If you're looking for a good, relatively cheap solution to digitize your tapes, archive TiVo, etc., I recommendrepparttar 133386 Panasonic DMR-E55K.

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Cell Phone Abuse - Tips to Curb Employee Abuse

Written by Aaron Siegel

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Rewardrepparttar Good ...

In addition to an allowance program, a rewards program could be put in place as well. To sweetenrepparttar 133377 sour, awardrepparttar 133378 employee withrepparttar 133379 least amount of minutes a percentage ofrepparttar 133380 company savings. Let it be announced beforehand and you may find employees trying to conserve so they can take home a larger paycheck. To make it more viral, perhaps first, second, and third place winners every month. That will ensure that employees know more than one employee each month will go home with a fatter paycheck. Increasingrepparttar 133381 odds always helps feedrepparttar 133382 fever. Works in Vegas, right?

Easier Said than Done ...

Now, keeping track of who is who and who calls what can equal to a big headache and ultimately take more time and money to manage. Luckily there are some companies out there that make a living from auditing and managing wireless bills or supplyingrepparttar 133383 firmware to do so. While costs associated with such services vary, they are valuable and more importantly; save money. Some ofrepparttar 133384 companies that provide these services include Letís Talk www.letstalk.com, Traq www.traq.com, and Vercuity www.vercuity.com.

Carriers Feel Your Pain ...

Aside from these companies that audit, track, and manage wireless usage,repparttar 133385 mobile communications industry has seenrepparttar 133386 aches and pains of employee abuse. Many cellular carriers now offer more cost effective wireless options for large employers knowing of employee abuse andrepparttar 133387 minutes (money sacrificed. In other words, lower rates forrepparttar 133388 higher volume to curbrepparttar 133389 cost of abuse whether or not it is taking place.

One ofrepparttar 133390 better cell phone providers for corporate services is Nextel. They offer overrepparttar 133391 phone ordering exclusively for corporate volume clients for all products and services which include some good plans for busy mobile users. You can call them toll free at: 1-866-720-4177 Business Code: 15376 Reference: LL UNLIMITED

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