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them and could not be caught. I then ran up torepparttar thief and shouted, "Stop inrepparttar 139855 name of Jesus!" He dropped torepparttar 139856 ground like he had been hit by a baseball bat. He lay there and began to burn. He then called out to me and said, "I want to be born again. Will you pray for me?" I went up to him and although he was glowing with coals like a great log burning, he could talk and hear me. I said, "Do you want Jesus to save you?" He replied, "Yes." All types of people, including politicians, religious leaders and ordinary American people were gathered around watching this scene. I prayed (it was a real intense prayer in my dream..agony of soul and brought tears to my eyes...my face was wet when I woke). This isrepparttar 139857 prayer, "Lord Jesus, you seerepparttar 139858 heart cry of this precious soul. Reveal your love unto him, O Lord. You have said forgive and it shall be forgiven you. There is no sin too great for you to forgive. Too, O Lord, your love is so good and so great that even you can save atrepparttar 139859 last minute." Jesus then came and saved this thief's soul and he gave uprepparttar 139860 ghost. I looked around and there was a look of awe on everyone's faces. Someone stated, "That wasrepparttar 139861 most beautiful prayer ever prayed. It is a new prayer for America!" There was not a dry eye inrepparttar 139862 crowd...everyone was humbled and touched byrepparttar 139863 precious presence of our Lord. I then woke up, and recorded these two dreams.


Author of My Walk with the Lord, www.selahbooks.com, various other articles and poems(do a yahoo or google search on my name), preacher, retired military. Graduate of Excelsior College(BS, AS), Wright State University (AA), 26 military courses including, Adjutant general Officers Advanced and Basic Courses, Warrant Officer Senior and Advanced Course, NCO Advanced Course.


Written by Jard DeVille

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So, here are a few concepts to discuss with a fundamental preacher, an orthodox priest, a too religious born again politician or more likely -- one of their naÔve knee jerk true believers who can only regurgitate predigested ideologies.


Where Jesus stopped identifying with ordinary people, with widows, orphans and working families and dedicated himself to pandering torepparttar obscenely wealthy abusers andrepparttar 139777 political and religious leaders who committed great enough crimes against humanity to amass vast fortunes or maintain ruthless power overrepparttar 139778 people.

Where Jesus counseled us to militarize our society to fight a dozen preemptive wars against poor, dark skinned nations since World War Two, wasting our young men and women to slay foreign youngsters, in bloody, soul-searing combat that supportsrepparttar 139779 fascistic financiers, reactionary politicians and fundamental preachers who pretend to be true patriots.

Where Jesus insisted that modern disciples must vote for and support only those politicians who pass a radical litmus test that includesrepparttar 139780 creation of a ruthless American Empire,repparttar 139781 starvation of public education,repparttar 139782 collapse of Social Security and Medicare while people are propagandized to commit spiritual, political and financial suicide in his name.

Where Jesus handedrepparttar 139783 spiritual leadership of America torepparttar 139784 vocal group of immaculately coifed and heavily bejeweled women at a recent Texas Republic National Convention who stood and chanted for fifteen minutes: We arerepparttar 139785 real Americans -- we arerepparttar 139786 only true Christians, torepparttar 139787 cheers of their clapping fascist oil barons, reactionary politicians and fundamental preachers.

Where Jesus changed his message that we must pay forrepparttar 139788 benefits of civilization by giving to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar and by giving to God, that which belongs to God -- to one of increasingrepparttar 139789 wealth of a greedy elite that benefit from living virtually tax free in a stable civilization paid for by working peoplerepparttar 139790 politicians tax inequitably.

Where Jesus revised his teachings thatrepparttar 139791 only way to please God is by serving humanity and protecting our world -- acceptingrepparttar 139792 pretense that when people compete ruthlessly, ripping everything possible from weaker persons and ravagingrepparttar 139793 earth, seizing obscene amounts of wealth, a secular miracle occurs in which all people live better than by cooperating.

Where Jesus decided that global capitalism with a few rich families getting richer through a ruthless lifestyle, is blessed by a God who perceivesrepparttar 139794 American aristocracy as much more deserving than all those increasingly hard pressed people of a looming American collapse who are being outsourced, computerized, and battered into bankruptcy.

Where Jesus stopped being a flaming revolutionary who put such pressure onrepparttar 139795 wicked political and religious leaders of his day that they murdered him and became a shill ofrepparttar 139796 ruthless aristocracy for whom personal power, prestige, pleasure and possessions are more important than patriotism, spiritual development andrepparttar 139797 support of persons who are not driven so compulsively by bleeding neurotic wounds in their souls.

Untilrepparttar 139798 fundamental preachers answer these questions and show us inrepparttar 139799 Bible where Jesus made these changes in his message of faith, hope and love,repparttar 139800 aristocracy and their ruthless political and religious hirelings have lost all legitimacy to speak for God and forrepparttar 139801 Church ofrepparttar 139802 Lord Jesus Christ and should be treated as narcissistic frauds. When Jesusí entire message is ruthlessly altered and compromised,repparttar 139803 fundamental clergy have no right to teach anyone anything of importance.

Jard DeVille wrote the core evangelism program in use by the Seventh-day Adventist Church that is growing by some million new members annually. Visit our site at http://www.fulfillmentforum.com Permission to use is granted if attributed to author and his website.

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