DO and DON'T DO "Money Making Guidelines" For Home Business Entrepreneurs

Written by David Lowenstein

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AND FINALLY, ASK YOURSELF THE KEY QUESTION: "Would I like this business/product if someone else offered it to me?"

If your answer is NO, skip this program, you'll never succeed Offering it to others.

If your answer is YES, GO FOR IT! Your conviction will get Yourepparttar sales!

REMEMBER - Getting Rich Immediately is only possible if you winrepparttar 117290 Lotto...The Internet Is A Great Place To Make Money, yet, alike any Other business (but, with a significant lower investment!), YOU MUST WORK!

Best Of Success,

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David Lowenstein, Ph.D. in Business Management and Economics, is an International Internet Business Development Consultant. David decided to support and guide new home business entreprenuers to get online for the purpose of making money and avoiding mistakes.

"Home Based Businesses - Heaven or Health Hazard? What You Don't Know

Written by Paul Upp

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It was time to take action!

I immediately began to research alternative sources to replace a wide variety of toxic products we have aroundrepparttar house. I was extremely fortunate to meet a group of consumers that hadrepparttar 117289 same passion that I did. They not only showed me how to convert my home, but also showed me how to do it for considerably less than we are paying today by simply changing stores. Oh, and byrepparttar 117290 way, they showed me how to purchase with a 100% money back guarantee … even if I had usedrepparttar 117291 product. (Try that one at Wal-Mart.)

Nowrepparttar 117292 main reason for my providing you this information is so that you can experiencerepparttar 117293 same “wake-up call” that I did. Be aware of what you are doing torepparttar 117294 well being of your loved ones and our environment. Get serious, get angry and most of all take action! Convert your home to a non-toxic healthy environment.

Please feel free to forward this to someone you care about. We are fortunate with our company. We can introduce loved ones to this company knowing that it is a shopping system that everyone can benefit from using. We don't have product distributors - just a network of satisfied customers withrepparttar 117295 ability to turn this healthy lifestyle into a vibrant business if they chose to do so.

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Paul Upp Marketing Executive - Wellness Advisor

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