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Second, you may give your book a subtitle, for effect, or to enable a better understanding ofrepparttar book. For instance: TWELFTH NIGHT; or WHAT YOU WILL by William Shakespeare, SATANIC VICARS: A HISTORICAL PLAY OF THE PAPACY by Arthur Zulu. Beware though that your subtitle does not conflict with your major title. That will spell down forrepparttar 129450 book fromrepparttar 129451 beginning. So, if you are unsure of a subtitle, leave it out.

Third. Your title should be catching and attractive. This may require a great deal of thinking. But it is worthrepparttar 129452 effort. The title of your book should be able to tell a reader that he has something to gain from readingrepparttar 129453 book. Think ofrepparttar 129454 title of this book you are reading: HOW TO WRITE A BEST – SELLER by Arthur Zulu. Who wouldn’t like to write a best – seller? None.

Fourth, your title should be in good taste. That means it should not offend. Now, look at these titles: HOW TO DIE QUICK!, THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SATAN. I don’t think many readers would be obliged to touch those titles with a ten-foot pole.

Fifth. Do not give your book someone else’s title. If there is a best-seller inrepparttar 129455 market, some writers think thatrepparttar 129456 short cut to fame is to write a book, and stamp itrepparttar 129457 same title. Right? Wrong! Apart fromrepparttar 129458 offence of plagiarism, it will pass you off as an unserious writer.

Sixth. Beware of giving serial title. Certain writers stamprepparttar 129459 same title on all their books. It may suit such writers, but not their readers, who may find it difficult to tellrepparttar 129460 old, fromrepparttar 129461 new. But it may help when you are writing in episodes, likerepparttar 129462 series of HARRY PORTER.

Seventh. Be ready to change your book title if is not convenient, or if it is not helpingrepparttar 129463 book sales. Such timely actions by writers have helped to save their books from death.

Now, it has been said that giving your book a title at first would be a good start. This will help you in your research, and guide you inrepparttar 129464 development of your best-seller.

Onrepparttar 129465 other hand, some tested writers finish their work before choosing a title. Which one do you like?

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ARTHUR ZULU, The Most Controversial Writer inrepparttar 129467 World, isrepparttar 129468 author ofrepparttar 129469 best – selling book, HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER. Download your copy and FREE excerpt at : For FREE writing helps, mailto :

ARTHUR ZULU, The Most Controversial Writer in the World, is the author of the best – selling book, HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER.


Written by ARTHUR ZULU

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3.Autograph Parties You, your publisher, or bookstore, may arrange autograph parties, or book signings.

Most book signings are well publicized and attended. So, it is necessary for you to have sufficient quantities of books to go round. And remember too that apart from autographing books, you have to pose for photographs with your guests. And see thatrepparttar pressmen are there to publishrepparttar 129449 story.

4.Grant Interviews Pressmen are always looking for celebrities to interview. Yes, be press friendly; grant interviews. But note that you have to know what to say before granting interviews. Also, note thatrepparttar 129450 interview is a means of lettingrepparttar 129451 public to know more about you, and your works. So, give answers that will help your readers understand you better.

You will have to know, however, that it is not necessary for all your readers to agree with your views. So, you have to accommodate their opinions. After all, it is a free world.

Although, what you say is important but more important, is how you say it --how you answer questions. So,repparttar 129452 non – verbal language – gestures and facial expressions, is as important asrepparttar 129453 verbal language. You should not be answering “Yes,” while your body language is saying ”No” (There are some people that mean “Yes” when they say, “No”)

Then your personal appearance in an interview matters. How is your grooming and dressing? Are you a natural, confident speaker? Are you an aggressive or sober person?

It will be nice for you to pay positive attention to these aspects because you are going to be seen or heard by hundreds, thousands, or millions of people.

Therefore, appear in an interview well groomed and dressed and show in a confident tone, that you arerepparttar 129454 master. But there is one secret -– don’t give everything away; (are we contradicting ourselves?) No. Because you have to keeprepparttar 129455 newsmen coming!

5.Give Talks Prepare and give good talks to large audiences. You should have mastery of your topic, and in givingrepparttar 129456 talk, you should know that your personal appearance, gestures and audience contact are very important. You may also take questions atrepparttar 129457 end ofrepparttar 129458 talk. Butrepparttar 129459 most important thing is that you will get paid for promoting your book!

These things are practical. They have worked forrepparttar 129460 20% who have tried it; butrepparttar 129461 80% who know allrepparttar 129462 things on earth that don’t work have continued to live miserable, wasted, lives. But “you can do what you want,” says B. Catland. And he added a proviso: “If you don’t think you can’t’’.

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Aboutrepparttar 129463 Author:

ARTHUR ZULU, The Most Controversial Writer inrepparttar 129464 World, isrepparttar 129465 author ofrepparttar 129466 best – selling book, HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER. Download your copy and FREE excerpt at : For FREE writing helps, mailto :

ARTHUR ZULU, The Most Controversial Writer in the World, is the author of the best – selling book, HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER.

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