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Such properties are often sold by investors for 25 to 100 percent returns on their investment using this method. However, past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

OTHER INVESTMENTS - As referred to above, at times it may be advisable for a client to purchase charged off accounts, judgments, and promissory notes. Such investments of course are best analyzed initially by an attorney. Plus, he can representrepparttar client when purchasing such financial instruments.


You get a specialist in this field.

I have limitedrepparttar 119238 number of clients so I haverepparttar 119239 maximum amount of time to devote to achieving your goals.

PRIVACY -- I will berepparttar 119240 only one working for you, which protects your privacy.

Another benefit for you is my experience in finding and selling properties through probate. Plus, I already know how to locate properties in tax lien or tax certificate sales as well as other methods of finding properties that are good investments.

I only charge a fixed fee. I will not agree with a client to share in their potential profits from any of their contemplated investments. One reason is such an arrangement is usually unethical or will require a lot of paperwork, extra time and money to meetrepparttar 119241 needed disclosures. My fee ranges from $5,000 to $10,000, depending onrepparttar 119242 work and goals ofrepparttar 119243 client.

I can best assist you to reach your goals through my expertise and love of research and writing. This benefit to you is seen by my having written and published two books that required no small amount of research.

By using my services you stand a great chance of making a lot of money. Which means you will have more money to fund your IRA, pay for your child’s college, or pay off other bills.


There are only three things you need to do. Email me, Attorney Mark B. Replogle, withrepparttar 119244 answers torepparttar 119245 below points:

1. What are your investment goals? 2. How much money are you going to invest? 3. Why should I represent you?

Please be specific and give me as much detail as you can at this time.

Mark B. Replogle is an attorney in private practice in California. In 2003 he served with the Marine Corps Central Command, Office of the Staff Judge Advocate in support of the war in Iraq. He is the author of Saviour Clinton, and How to Hear and Discern the Voice of God.

Tractor Trailer Underride Accidents.

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Driver carelessness. Ifrepparttar driver is momentarily inattentive, they may not see a trailer that has been inadequately pulled torepparttar 119237 side ofrepparttar 119238 road, or a trailer that is acrossrepparttar 119239 highway asrepparttar 119240 result of a u-turn or a wide turn inrepparttar 119241 case of a truck entering a roadway.

The positioning ofrepparttar 119242 truck may cause a trailer underride accident.

Road conditions. Slick road conditions increaserepparttar 119243 stopping time for a car approaching a tractor trailer underride situation.

Surrounding (ambient) lighting which can reflect off ofrepparttar 119244 truck and causerepparttar 119245 truck to blend in with its surrounding, forming a sort of accidental camaflouge, especially on a silver truck. In fact oftenrepparttar 119246 reflective red/oraqnge colors matchrepparttar 119247 neon lights from surrounding businesses.

Road lighting. A lack of road lighting can make it very difficult to seerepparttar 119248 outline ofrepparttar 119249 tractor truck's trailer. Especially a dark colored trruck trailer such as a dark blue, brown or black trailer. This makes it nearly impossible forrepparttar 119250 driver ofrepparttar 119251 passenger car to seerepparttar 119252 truck in time to stop and prevent a trailer underride.

Dirty tractor trailers case accidents. When dirt collects onrepparttar 119253 reflective tape, it becomes inefficeint at reflecting light and loses its protective warning qualities. Frequent washing ofrepparttar 119254 truck is a must to giverepparttar 119255 passenger car driver a chance to prevent a side underride accident withrepparttar 119256 tractor trailer!

What isrepparttar 119257 most common danger that creates a Tractor Trailer Underride Accident?

Truck driver making a u-turn or a wide-turn. This is not a sudden u-turn. Rather, this is a situation where oftenrepparttar 119258 truck has made it already half way around. In fact,repparttar 119259 cab ofrepparttar 119260 truck is often facingrepparttar 119261 oncoming traffic. That fact makes it even more deceiving torepparttar 119262 oncoming traffic, since they belive thatrepparttar 119263 truck is already facing them, withrepparttar 119264 trailer straight behind it, rather than reality - withrepparttar 119265 tractor truck's trailer stretched acrossrepparttar 119266 oncoming car's path of transit.

by: Michael Monheit, Esquire of Monheit Law, P.C. Toll Free: 866-761-1385 Truck Accident Lawyer

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