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OR whatever brings me money... gets printed.

The Postmortem of my experiences with Safelists is:

"It's Almost Completely Up to The Program You Promote with Safelists, then comes your ad, thenrepparttar quality ofrepparttar 134269 list!", say that again!

Forrepparttar 134270 fact that I want to save space for my printing this page, if you want to know more about Safelists and *which* program made me most money, send an (blank) e-mail at: safelists@close-sale.com


Bob Mobino - Saturday,repparttar 134271 27th of December, 2003 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This article may be freely distributed / republished, as long as it containsrepparttar 134272 author's credits andrepparttar 134273 precise entirety ofrepparttar 134274 provided article, titled: "DO SAFELISTS REALLY WORK?". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bob Mobino isrepparttar 134275 author of http://www.close-sale.com

Bob Mobino is the author of http://www.close-sale.com

How To Syndicate Your Content

Written by Rick Rouse

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You can change these attributes to any size you wish, but keep in mind thatrepparttar IFRAME must be large enough to accommodate your content. Also keep in mind thatrepparttar 134268 smaller your syndicated content,repparttar 134269 easier it will be to find webmasters who are willing to use it.

3 - The frameborder setting determines whether your content will be displayed inside a box. The default setting is yes (1). If you change this setting to 0, there will be no border, hence no box.

4 - Settingrepparttar 134270 scrolling attribute to "yes" will add scrollbars torepparttar 134271 IFRAME. This is useful if you wish to syndicate a long article while keepingrepparttar 134272 IFRAME small.

5 - Changerepparttar 134273 URL in "Content courtesy of http://www.yoursite.com." to your website's URL. This way visitors can click to visit your website if they found your content useful.

I recommend making this line mandatory as a condition for using your content. It will generate targeted traffic to your website and provide a valuable backlink for search engine ranking purposes.

6 - Important: Copy and pasterepparttar 134274 code above into NotePad, then into your HTML editor. This helps ensure proper formatting in your web page.

7 - Let other webmasters know you have content available for them to place on their websites. You can place a link on your site that says: "Syndicate our content!" or "Like this content? Place it on your website!"

You can also submit your content torepparttar 134275 many "free content" websites that are found onrepparttar 134276 web. Just do a Google search for "free content".

That's all there is to syndicating your content on other websites! Have fun!

Rick Rouse is the author of the popular Webmaster SEO Toolkit, a free step-by step guide to getting a top-10 ranking in Google, available at http://www.rlrouse.com/SEO.html

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