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2) Some search engines only indexrepparttar home.htm or index.htm page without spideringrepparttar 134717 rest ofrepparttar 134718 site, so unless you have good tags your site might not rank very well, especially since many search engines also take into accountrepparttar 134719 contents of your pages and frames are treated as hyperlinks to other pages. You can however get around this by creating "doorway" pages which redirect visitors to your index.htm page.

To redirect a visitor from an optimized "doorway" page you simply putrepparttar 134720 following line in your section.

and replace index.htm withrepparttar 134721 page you want to redirectrepparttar 134722 visitor to.

The other aspect here is that for search engines which only index your home page, you would need to submit each of your site content pages separately. If one of these content pages is indexed and found in a search,repparttar 134723 visitor will only seerepparttar 134724 contents page and will not seerepparttar 134725 rest of your site, something you definitely don't want to happen ! This brings us torepparttar 134726 next and mayberepparttar 134727 most important disadvantage of using frames.

3)Frames can make it difficult for you to direct people to a particular page on your site. This is especially so if you want to use email to send a visitor to a particular page that has details of an affiliate program for example. If you don't send them to your index.htm page they will not be able to seerepparttar 134728 rest of your site, onlyrepparttar 134729 contents ofrepparttar 134730 page you have directed them to.

4)Frames within frames can be confusing, so you have to pay special attention to your hyperlinks when you are designing your pages. For example if one ofrepparttar 134731 links in your main or contents frame redirects a visitor back torepparttar 134732 index.htm page,repparttar 134733 result will be a mess unlessrepparttar 134734 hyperlink specifiesrepparttar 134735 target frame as "top" (eg: ) to preventrepparttar 134736 index page opening insiderepparttar 134737 contents page.

Learning how to use frames is easy once you have masteredrepparttar 134738 concept that a hyperlink can lead to a page in its own frame (TARGET="_self")repparttar 134739 default option, or in another frame inrepparttar 134740 frameset eg:(TARGET="main").

All in all, whether you use frames or not is a personal decision, but you need to aware ofrepparttar 134741 advantages and disadvantages before you design your site.

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Five Core Elements to a Successful Website

Written by Micah D. Cranman

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o Good Example: I don't have to say much here -- just look atrepparttar site: It's just very appealing and nice looking!

3. Effective Sales Copy - The sales copy you write is extremely important torepparttar 134716 success of your site. It should be written with your target market in mind. (Note that if you have a content-based site, this should be replaced with good content instead.) To make your sales copy work, focus on benefits torepparttar 134717 customer, not on features. Also, incorporate testimonials. Additionally, unless you're extremely good at writing sales copy, short copy is usually better than long.

o Good Example: Noterepparttar 134718 effective use of testimonials and howrepparttar 134719 focus is placed on benefits, not features.

4. Appropriate Text Formatting - If you format your text incorrectly your site will, quite frankly, look silly. Throughout your site, try to keep your use of font styles, sizes, and colors consistent as well as avoid too much bolding. This is best illustrated with examples:

o Good Example: Click on several of repparttar 134720 articles on this site and notice how they are consistently formattedrepparttar 134721 same. Your content should be formatted consistently as well.

o Bad Example: Notice allrepparttar 134722 different sizes, colors, and overuse of bolding throughoutrepparttar 134723 text. (Byrepparttar 134724 way, this example is taken from an article written by Ralph Hilliard of

5. Value torepparttar 134725 Visitor - In order for your site to be valuable to its visitors, it must provide something that they need (be that a product, service, or information). Because not everyone will be interested in what you're offering,repparttar 134726 most effective way to make your site valuable to your visitors is to target your marketing efforts torepparttar 134727 right group of people-instead of trying to create a site that has a little bit of something for everyone. There are some other things you can do, like giving away freebies such as newsletters, eBooks, or articles, but that's a whole different subject.

Micah D. Cranman designs attractive, compelling, and results-driven websites for small businesses and organizations. For more information on how he can help you develop a powerful web presence, visit his site at

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