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Every prospect and customer wants personal attention. One way you can provide it is by giving them an opportunity to ask questions.

Only interested prospects will takerepparttar time to ask questions. Many will buy from you if they get valuable information from your answer. You can often include a promotion for your product or service as part of your answer.

Answering questions is not time consuming. The same questions will be repeated over and over again. But you only have to answer each question once if you save your answer to a permanent file. Copy it into your reply whenever you get that same question again ...and revise it slightly to personalize your response. You can answer questions quickly and your prospects will appreciate your personal attention.

TIP: If you find yourself personally answering a lot of questions, add a Questions and Answers page to your web site. Postrepparttar 127266 answers to your most frequently asked questions. It will reducerepparttar 127267 number of questions you have to answer individually. But remember, it also deprives you of an opportunity to impress prospects with your personal attention.

Every customer wants fast results, easy procedures and personal attention. Most won't ask for these benefits. But they won't buy from you unless they get them. Make sure you provide all 3 of these special benefits ...and look for ways to improverepparttar 127268 quality of each. Then watch how quickly your sales increase.

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Follow up Increases Sales 80% with Only 20% Effort

Written by Judy Cullins

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The advantage? It's free for you, and it takes little time because you offer it by autoresponder. To clients you could also offer a special introductory price on one of your coaching/consultant packages.

People love a bargain, even it is isn't free.

6. Make it easy for your readers to order or follow up. When you offer something for sale, be sure you include optional ways to purchase.

While people do buy Online, they want security. If you don't have a site or your site is insecure, either start a Pay Pal at, Practice Pay Solutions at www.Practice Pay, or a Click Bank account at

7. If you don't have a Web site, offer an order form your subscribers can either fax or mail to you with their name, title of products, prices and preferred way to order. Of course an 800 number works well too. They carry no service charge usually. You are charged just forrepparttar calls.

8. Practice following up once every week or two to a different group. Most will take you up onrepparttar 127265 freebie, even if they don't buy. Your name will become famiiar to them. They may even pass your freebie on to their associates and friends. Include: "You may forward this message to anyone, as long as you include my signature box atrepparttar 127266 bottom.

Former buyers are your virtual sales force. Take advantage of this free way to market yourself and keep your name in front of your target audience.

9. Include your signature box atrepparttar 127267 bottom of each email you send. Highlight one offer each time with a link to your Web site or an autoresponder for your book, ezine or other products. Put his free, powerful, subtle, sales mesage to work for you!

Be sure to include a regular phone number for overseas buyers, an 800 number for orders, and both your email and Web address in a link. You may also want to provide a link to a "special offer" on your Web site. Change your signature to meet each eGroup's needs. Keep you lines in your signature box from 4-6 lines if possible.

10. Run your follow up offer by a friend or associate. Ask them what compels them to take out their credit card and buy? What do they like? Not like? Did any information offend them?

You have endless opportunities to expand your client base and product sales. Your fans are there to assist you. Give to them, and many will give back. Give often and give freely. People appreciate freebies, and will pass your name on to their friends and associates.

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