Written by Sharon Dalton Williams

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All of us have winds that blow through our lives. The winds are inevitable. There will be times when your business grows - you reach more clients, you receive more orders. And there will be times when your business slows. There will be times when everything just seems to be clicking along at a smooth pace. And there will be times when everything seems to go wrong at once.

Whenrepparttar wind blows through your business, will you immediately give up on what you are doing and look for another business opportunity to try for a while - shape-shifting as you crossrepparttar 124169 sky? Will you give up saying there's too much wind for you to be prosperous and fade away entirely?

Or, will you bend withrepparttar 124170 wind and only allow it to affect your branches and not who you are or what you are doing? Will you remain fixed and stable because you have laid a solid root foundation in your business and built it slowly and steadily?

Inrepparttar 124171 end,repparttar 124172 choice is up to you. As for me, I'm choosing to be a tree. What's your choice?

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ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS...SMIL (That's right... SMIL)

Written by Ronni Rhodes

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Are you inrepparttar training business? Courses can be devised which integrate voice and images. Live links can be introduced to takerepparttar 124168 students to other sites and information pertinent torepparttar 124169 material being taught. Keep updated company policies online and couple them with news items and other materials relevant torepparttar 124170 employees. Motivational trainers can use text, audio, and video to sell their training materials when their audience is most inclined to buy!

Doing e-commerce? Show photos ofrepparttar 124171 product range with an audio track talking about each product as it appears. Use this in conjunction with text to take your visitors directly torepparttar 124172 order form forrepparttar 124173 product while they're anxious and motivated to purchase.

Work with other merchants of complementary products; generate revenue by placing ads for their goods throughout your presentation.

Offering a service? Slide presentations can be timed so that bullet points come up in sequence onrepparttar 124174 screen at specified time intervals. These could change color asrepparttar 124175 presenter moves from point to point. Testimonials could scroll as you discuss your customer satisfaction policies. Restaurants could show a clip ofrepparttar 124176 chef preparing his "signature" meal whilerepparttar 124177 recipe is read or scrolled forrepparttar 124178 visitor.

I've talked about Rich Media, of which streaming and SMIL are integral components, in many articles. (See: Now Rich Media is inrepparttar 124179 spotlight as traditional advertisers, losing faith inrepparttar 124180 "tried and true" banner advertising campaign, start to hop aboardrepparttar 124181 streaming bandwagon. As these advertisers shift their emphasis from banner click-thrus to ads that that are specifically used for branding, greater emphasis will be placed on Rich Media. With Rich Media, there are numerous opportunities to presentrepparttar 124182 complexities of branding that cannot be done with static banners - greater interactivity, sound, motion, andrepparttar 124183 ability to display creatives in a larger space. As this occurs, SMIL will becomerepparttar 124184 key to making these ad campaigns an entertaining and "smooth as television" experience.

I'd like you to think about television news. It's pretty straightforward; information aboutrepparttar 124185 events ofrepparttar 124186 day. Butrepparttar 124187 sophisticated audiences of today demand more than just "talking heads" on their television screens. Sorepparttar 124188 news is packaged as entertainment, with music and graphics to grabrepparttar 124189 eyes and ears ofrepparttar 124190 viewer. When advertisers realize that web surfers are seeking this same experience, there will be a rush to duplicate this onrepparttar 124191 Internet.

Then, all you have to do is...SMIL.

Ronni Rhodes is the owner of WBC Imaging, an Internet company that specializes in web site enhancement utilizing streaming media technology. 520-742-5780

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