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More Non-Answers From The Horse's Mouth

Given such "spectacular" results as noted above, I was still puzzled, for I was getting hits. Where were they coming from? So I checked out a couple of search engines and, offrepparttar top of my head, did some searches.

Things like "site services," "website performance," "site improvement," and so forth. Oddly enough, a few of my pages came up inrepparttar 128344 first 30. And since I knowrepparttar 128345 content of most pages atrepparttar 128346 end ofrepparttar 128347 links offered, I could see there was at least some degree of relevancy.

My Conclusion

The search engines algorithms are smarter than we generally acknowledge. They do a pretty good job of sorting out page content. And they're getting better every day.

So I will continue as I have been doing. That is, submit new pages as they are completed. And I'll continue to try to include keywords as possible. But essentially I'm content to letrepparttar 128348 search engines do whatever.

For one thing, my page views continue to increase. Slowly, that's true. Butrepparttar 128349 key lies inrepparttar 128350 increase. Thus I'm not drawing too much off-target traffic.

The Best Strategy For You

For some sites, position onrepparttar 128351 search engines is critical to success. In such a case, my forget-it approach would be totally inadequate. In fact if your site is seriously dependant upon traffic generated by search engines, it may be best to hire a professional service and make sure this task is done right.

This aside,repparttar 128352 power of search engines to draw free targeted traffic is weakening. Which means that in setting priorities, most should spend less time in obtaining good positions.

As with my site,repparttar 128353 better plan may be to focus promotional efforts on other strategies to generaterepparttar 128354 targeted traffic you need.

Sure. Submit new pages as completed. Possibly takerepparttar 128355 time to create search engine friendly content pages. But look elsewhere for traffic.

The ability of search engines to deliver free targeted traffic to your site is diminishing. Some may findrepparttar 128356 emerging pay-for-submission models profitable. But most will find other avenues more rewarding. And soon enough, you won't be able to count on free search engine traffic to any significant degree.

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Google's Groundbreaking AdWords Select Program

Written by Lee Traupel

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It's very important to spend quality time creating your sponsored link as this isrepparttar "online ad" that people will view inrepparttar 128343 midst of search results and competing sponsored links (in some cases). You haverepparttar 128344 ability to create a short headline coupled with two lines of text with approximately 35 characters per line -repparttar 128345 headline must be succinct and hard hitting andrepparttar 128346 related text should backfillrepparttar 128347 headline with supporting words that convey what goods or services your company provides.

Keyword selection can berepparttar 128348 most daunting task for setting up a new campaign - be prepared to spend some focused time working through multiple keywords to find those that you can afford. It typically takes 1-3 hours to find 10-20 keywords that are relatively low cost - however, if your budget is open-ended and you have sufficient marketing funds to pay $1-8. USD per keyword then it can take much less time. Your market focus is also another important variable that can impactrepparttar 128349 keyword selection process - if you're in a narrow market niche with only a small number of competitors then it is much easier and faster to setup a campaign.

Finally, be aware you can find some keywords that are very inexpensive, but Google will disallow these if they don't drive a minimum clickthrough amount of roughly less than 1% - you can start off with them, but they will be turned off after 7-14 days if they aren't driving sufficient clickthrough volume.

Wordtracker Keyword Research Tool

You may want to utilize other keyword analysis tools that will give you a broader selection and help you to understand what keywords are popular and searched on, which in turn ensuresrepparttar 128350 keywords you do select will drive traffic and will not be disallowed by Google. Wordtracker ( is an industry standard keyword analysis tool that those of us inrepparttar 128351 online advertising world (and many others) have used for years to help us understand what keywords are popular - their service is very low cost and easy to utilize via their web site.

Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of marketing experience - he is the founder of Intelective Communications, Inc., a marketing services company which provides strategic and tactical marketing services exclusively to small to medium sized companies. Reprinted with permission from Intelective Communications - this article may be reprinted freely, provided this attribution box remains intact.

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