Written by Tim North

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DISADVANTAGES * You'll still need to have (or learn) some technical skills, but not nearly as many as withrepparttar DIY solution. * Consultant's cost may be hundreds of dollars even for a small site. Larger sites will cost more, of course. * You runrepparttar 134658 risk ofrepparttar 134659 consultant not providingrepparttar 134660 design that you were looking for. * Major changes or upgrades torepparttar 134661 site will probably need to be done byrepparttar 134662 consultant. * When you updaterepparttar 134663 site yourself you risk "breaking" something or just "messing it up."

SKILLS NEEDED * Some technical skills or a willingness to acquire them. * The ability to liaise withrepparttar 134664 consultant about how you want repparttar 134665 site to look and what you want it to achieve.


ADVANTAGES * You are not required to spend time and effort learning technical skills that other folk already know and (let's be honest here) can probably do better. * This requiresrepparttar 134666 least effort on your part. * A consultant will producerepparttar 134667 site faster than you can. * This should produce a professional looking site that navigates easily, loads quickly, is compatible with all browsers and works well with search engines.

DISADVANTAGES * This isrepparttar 134668 most costly solution. * You have less control overrepparttar 134669 content ofrepparttar 134670 site.

SKILLS NEEDED * The ability to liaise withrepparttar 134671 consultant about how you want repparttar 134672 site to look and what you want it to achieve.

CONCLUSIONS Choosing between these solutions comes down to two main issues: your budget and your skills. If you haverepparttar 134673 skills needed (andrepparttar 134674 free time), you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in consultants' fees. If not, consider bringing in a consultant to designrepparttar 134675 site for you and, perhaps, to dorepparttar 134676 updates as well.

Tim North

How Active is Inter-Active?

Written by Stefene Russell

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*Weekly newsletters (naturally) *Discussion boards *Professional tips and advice *Printable "coupons" for goods or services (which rewards users for visitingrepparttar site) *Calendars *Events related to your website's subject (conferences, speakers, etc.) *Recipes *Free samples of your product/service *polls and surveys *Frequently updated articles (iSyndicate and FreeContent are two good sources of copy. You can find them at and *Q and A columns, using reader's questions (this should also be updated as frequently as possible) *Quick, reliable customer service *Easily located contact information (name, phone, address, email) *A bio page-if people feel like they're dealing with another person (rather than a borg-bot) that'srepparttar 134657 original human version of interactivity. *Easy, clear navigation *An order form/catalog/shopping cart that is easy to find, easy to use (and hopefully secure).

You've probably already implemented some of these, but if not- what are you waiting for? You've got nothing to lose--except bored, confused users.

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