DNA Profiling: Its Uses in Court

Written by Tom LeBaron

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  • The DNA needs to be isolated and cut so that it can be matched against other samples. Special enzymes recognize patterns inrepparttar DNA and cutrepparttar 127588 strand
  • In a process called electrophoresis,repparttar 127589 strands are then placed on a gel where they are separated an electric current passed through it.
  • The resulting fragments are compared against samples of all suspects and a match is determined.
  • DNA profiling is mostly used in sexual offences (60%), homicide (20%), assaults (7%), robbery (7%), criminal damage (1%), and other cases (5%).

    DNA profiling narrowsrepparttar 127590 list of suspects that authorities need to work through. The FBI commented that DNA profiling allows them to dismiss one-third of rape suspects becauserepparttar 127591 DNA samples do not match. Authorities recognizerepparttar 127592 possibility of specimens being planted at crime scenes, and therefore continue to investigaterepparttar 127593 crime based on motive, weapon, testimony, and other clues in order to more accurately solverepparttar 127594 case.

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    Matrix and the NSTP ( Non - Spatial Thinking Process ) Theory

    Written by Dr Kedar Joshi FSS PBSSI MRI

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    Non - spatial (the real one). The whole reality is thus a universal non - spatial program whose real elements (hardware) are non - spatial feelings while space is a kind of software that is projected or morphed ontorepparttar non - spatial hardware. Andrepparttar 127587 best practical way, it seems, is to modulaterepparttar 127588 non - spatial program (say, through meditation) to changerepparttar 127589 spatial illusion (or even terminate it) in order to gain maximum pleasure.

    Inventor of the NSTP ( Non - Spatial Thinking Process ) Theory http://superultramodern.blogspot.com

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