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Written by mark white

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Userepparttar ďaltĒ tag that you can use when adding links to pictures, for example;

another keyword here

Adding your keywords in these places will add more weight to your site, you should hopefully see an improvement in your position.

Basic Page Design

The first thing about page design is that search engines read web pages fromrepparttar 141032 top left-hand corner down. Why is this important? Well,repparttar 141033 placing of your keywords (yep! Them again) is vital, you should have at least one in-between

tags and if possible atrepparttar 141034 top ofrepparttar 141035 page. As well as this you should have any ads such as google onrepparttar 141036 right hand side ofrepparttar 141037 page, keeping your content onrepparttar 141038 left-hand side. An even scattering of keywords in your page text should help and you should have a keyword nearrepparttar 141039 end ofrepparttar 141040 page.

Donít have to many pictures if you can help it, most browsersí only load 4 pictures at a time and this can seriously slow downrepparttar 141041 page load time and put people off your site. You are better off having pictures on inside pages where your visitors are happier to wait; they do after all want to see your products.

Avoid garish colours, flashing banners and masses of text that you donít need, you donít want to scare your potential customers away or lead them to another personís website via an ad before you get them to view your site.

Most of all you should get you page scrutinised by a friend who is going to be honest with you, or find a forum that will do a constructive site review for you, you can find a forum like this here. The eyes of another person will not be tainted withrepparttar 141042 same ďthis is my babyĒ eyes that you have asrepparttar 141043 designer.

Thatís it for now, next time we move on to talk about advertising.

Mark white has been involved in IT for 16 years and has been active in internet marketing and web design for 5 years.

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How to Get the Ranking you Always Wanted!

Written by Matt Colyer

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You should place your top keywords in keyword tag, keep it to 5 to 15, make sure your most important keyword appears first though. The title tag is very important part ofrepparttar web page. Bothrepparttar 140979 search engines and visitors will see this, so be smart and creative with it. Try to have your most important keyword to appear first and keep it short, there isn't any need for 20 or 30 words to appear inrepparttar 140980 title tag.

Links - Look around your keyword sector in DMOZ or Yahoo!, you will find many web sites that are useful to your visitors and to your ranking. Try to exchange links with one web site a day. Almost every topic has an on-topic directory, go submit to them. Don't forget DMOZ, Yahoo! or other big name directories. When you receive requests for link exchanges, checkrepparttar 140981 site out before givingrepparttar 140982 OK. Check to see if they are using any spam techniques and make sure they are listed inrepparttar 140983 search engines. Also make sure it's a web site similar to your web site's topic.

One way backlinks arerepparttar 140984 best backlinks a web site can get because most reciprocal link exchanges are only for link popularity and search engines are aware of this growing problem. But they are hard to get, one way to get them is by buying them or an other is by writing articles and allowing others to use them on their own web site for content, along with a link back to your web site.

Insite Cross Links - Link to on topic content across your web site. If a web page is about games, then make sure it links to PS2 games and Xbox games web page. Web pages shouldn't be no more then 3 clicks away fromrepparttar 140985 home page. They should be close torepparttar 140986 root as possible.

Submission - Once you have insured you have done allrepparttar 140987 above, you can submit torepparttar 140988 search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask Jeeves. Really, if you get enough backlinks you won't need to submit to any of them and instead they will find you. There is some debate that submitting torepparttar 140989 search engines instead of letting them find you can hurt your ranking, so you may choose to sit back and let them find you. Also note, that by submitting will not speed it up any and in factrepparttar 140990 fastest way to get inrepparttar 140991 index, is by getting backlinks.

Matt Colyer began as a SEO Specialist in 1997. He founded Superior Webmaster in 2004 as a source of articles and tutorials for Web site owners looking to improve their Web site.

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