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The table containsrepparttar following information:

Count - This showsrepparttar 138624 number of times a particular keyword has appeared in our database. E.g. Our database currently holds 373 million words. A count of 147 tells us that this particular word has appeared 147 times out of 373 million (this is over a two-month period).

Predicted - This isrepparttar 138625 maximum total predicted traffic for all ofrepparttar 138626 major search engines/pay per bids and directories. It is based onrepparttar 138627 current 24-hour period.

Dig - When you perform any kind of search inrepparttar 138628 keyword universe, you can now dig down torepparttar 138629 next level. E.g. search for 'gambling'. Then, when you click on 'online gambling', justrepparttar 138630 results for 'online gambling' come up, click on 'online gambling in states' and so on. Great for focusing on niches.

Clicking on each word again adds it to your basket.

The next step is to compare these keywords in order to findrepparttar 138631 best keyword for you,

You are looking for a keyword with a high KEI or Keyword Effectiveness Index, what’s this?

In a nutshell: Look forrepparttar 138632 keywords nearrepparttar 138633 top. The higherrepparttar 138634 KEI,repparttar 138635 more popular your keywords are, andrepparttar 138636 less competition they have. Which means you have a better chance of getting torepparttar 138637 top.

Now you have found your high KEI ranking keywords you have to sprinkle them about your home page and insert them into you meta-tags. The next article in this series will discuss meta-tags, usingrepparttar 138638 title tag, and basic page design that will give your visitors a pleasing site to look at.

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Written by Graeme Sprigge

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I have 2 websites in a very competetive niche. I constantly need to work on them to build traffic. But because I know I am using traffic methods that work, I know I will eventually have good traffic to my sites. My traffic stats are constantly climbing. I'll let you know a secret - I didn't even have my sites listed inrepparttar search engines and I was getting traffic to them. You can do this too.

FFA advertising sites are pretty much useless these days for serious traffic generation. The search engines are getting much smarter and will ban your site if you use black techniques, so you really need to do some research and learn what works without breakingrepparttar 138574 rules.

So to summarize, getting traffic involves knowledge and tools. By reading my traffic package info which is free you will start to getrepparttar 138575 knowledge and by taking advantage ofrepparttar 138576 powerful tool I show you will form a killer combination.

Finally, discover the knowledge you need to take your site from a zero to an infinity of traffic, leaving your competition in the dust

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