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Written by Riaan Pieterse

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Bells & Whistles: Where, When and What

Deploying rich multimedia sites are becoming more and more a design requirement. However,repparttar objective of your site should berepparttar 105175 determining factor between using D/HTML or Flash for multimedia content. Exposure andrepparttar 105176 generation of revenue solidly discountsrepparttar 105177 use of Flash asrepparttar 105178 major site component - search placement is too important to sacrifice for a simple thing such shiny buttons. D/HTML provides an attractive alternative to ensuring that your site is indexed properly by search engines.

However, Flash should not be put out to pasture based on this: Limited Flash content can still be an asset on your Internet presence if used judisciously. Corporate Intranets are another matter entirely: Flash providesrepparttar 105179 perfect delivery vehicle for rich business applications, where DHTML would be more of a liability than an asset - e.g. training material, presentations and etcetera.

In conclusion,repparttar 105180 objective of a site should determine which ofrepparttar 105181 two technologies arerepparttar 105182 preferred medium for mutimedia delivery.

Riaan Pieterse is the CEO and founder of Kerberos Internet Services CC, South Africa. Having spent a number of years conducting various consulting assignments in the Far East, Middle East, Africa and Europe to businesses and governments alike, Riaan has a solid understanding of the business and technology issues in today's market.

For more information visit http://www.kerberosdev.net


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