DESIGNING YOUR LOG HOME: Tips to keep you out of trouble  

Written by Mercedes Hayes

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GUTTERS: Yes, you want to getrepparttar water away from your log home at all costs. There can be challenges; we have an alpine-style home with a vaulted ceiling. However,repparttar 100063 roof comes to a deep V onrepparttar 100064 corners that create a magnificent rain chute. This is not necessarily wonderful when it dumps onto your deck! Because ofrepparttar 100065 generous overhang that comes with a log home,repparttar 100066 end of that V projects far fromrepparttar 100067 walls and doesn't make a logical angle from which to hang a downspout. On one corner I satisfied myself with an old-fashioned rain barrel, and onrepparttar 100068 deck side we had to divertrepparttar 100069 water torepparttar 100070 pergola we built againstrepparttar 100071 house, and ran a gutter alongrepparttar 100072 edge ofrepparttar 100073 pergola.  

OVERHANGS: You should have at least a 1' foot and preferably a 2' overhang to protect your logs. This overhang needs to be taken into consideration when designing your roof line. If you have overlapping angles, make sure you are not creating a water trap or a snow trap. There are times your overhang might bump into another angle ofrepparttar 100074 roof. You may actually have to raise part ofrepparttar 100075 roof a little to make clearance.

DOOR SWINGS: This can be one ofrepparttar 100076 most annoying errors you can make and not catch until too late. Think of what your door is covering when opened allrepparttar 100077 way. Is it covering another doorway? Will two doors bang together? If you are in a tight space, will it open allrepparttar 100078 way at all? When we installed our bathroom vanity, we didn't think aboutrepparttar 100079 door swing untilrepparttar 100080 plumbing was already hooked up. The door clearedrepparttar 100081 vanity by one whole inch; it could have been worse. You can compensate by swingingrepparttar 100082 other way (before it's already hung, or your hinges will be onrepparttar 100083 wrong side). Or, inrepparttar 100084 design phase you can use a narrower door. Or get a smaller vanity.

ELECTRICAL:  The electrical and plumbing layout will not come from your log home architectural drawings. The manufacturer is not concerned about where you put your outlets. Oncerepparttar 100085 plans are firmed up,repparttar 100086 time will come for you to sit down withrepparttar 100087 electrician and mark exactly where you want your outlets, switches and light fixtures. Local code will determinerepparttar 100088 minimum distance between outlets, but anyone will tell you to put in more than you need; eventually you will probably use them anyway. Even if you don't need it, put your cable and telephone into every room; it's so much easier and cheaper to do it up front. Also remember, you can't ever have too many lights in a log home. Plan ahead for those fixtures - especiallyrepparttar 100089 ones inrepparttar 100090 ceiling. They will not be pretty to add later on. 

DEAD SPACE: If you are building a huge log home, you've got so much space it doesn't really matter. But for most ofrepparttar 100091 rest of us, every inch counts. There are some approaches that might maximize your floor space. First of all, do you really need hallways? Some space-saving designs arrangerepparttar 100092 rooms so they all open into a small hallway. I prefer none at all. Also, consider that every closet door creates dead space. If you can arrange your floor plan so that closet door swings into a place which is already dead (for instance, another closet door or a foyer), you might open uprepparttar 100093 room a bit. Does your loft serve a purpose or is it merely an open hallway from room to room? Can you put a piece of furniture on it? If not, perhaps it would serve to give it an angle and make your "open to below" space a little smaller.

Hopefully I've helped a little bit. I learned many of these tipsrepparttar 100094 hard way, and I'm sure there are plenty more I haven't bumped into yet. After all, a custom home is one giant learning curve.  

Mercedes Hayes is a Hiawatha Log Home dealer and also a Realtor in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She designed her own log home which was featured in the 2004 Floor Plan Guide of Log Home Living magazine. You can learn more about log homes by visiting

Secrets to Make your Dishwasher Clean Perfectly

Written by Donald Grummett

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Sorepparttar moral of this tale is: “Don’t confuse dishwashing with dishwasher”.

3 Rinse additive

This is something that gets forgotten oncerepparttar 100062 free sample bottle that came withrepparttar 100063 dishwasher has been used.

Its job is to makerepparttar 100064 water run offrepparttar 100065 dishes faster so they can dry quicker. Without it there would be little beads of water on everything atrepparttar 100066 end ofrepparttar 100067 cycle. Glasses especially would appear to be water stained or be left with a gritty residue.So if poor cleaning is a problem, checkrepparttar 100068 rinse additive level.

But remember, only one or two drops are added per load. A few ounces of rinse additive lasts a very long time. Such a long time that customers often think it is not being added, and blamerepparttar 100069 additive for problems it has nothing to do with

To refill, look onrepparttar 100070 dishwasher door for a cap or plug that is removable. It is often overlooked becauserepparttar 100071 time between fill ups can be months. Also,repparttar 100072 appliance manufacturers could help solve this problem if more of them added some sort of “Hey, I’m empty” indicator. Frigidaire dishwashers have a neat little indicator. Right next torepparttar 100073 soap dispenser is a clear plastic eye that changes colour whenrepparttar 100074 additive is empty. So every time you add detergent torepparttar 100075 machine you also see this eye staring back at you. White if empty, and black if full. Simple, effective, and smart.

4 Proper loading

Lastly, don’t forget that how you loadrepparttar 100076 dishes can drastically affect how well they are cleaned.

Proper loading will allowrepparttar 100077 water to penetrate allrepparttar 100078 nooks and crannies. Tryrepparttar 100079 following suggestions:

·Cups and glasses onrepparttar 100080 top rack with bottoms up ·Plates onrepparttar 100081 bottom rack all facingrepparttar 100082 same direction ·Bowls either rack, but all facingrepparttar 100083 same direction ·Utensils inrepparttar 100084 utensil holder in a mixed fashion (some knives, forks, spoons together in each compartment) to allow gaps between them ·Large items, such as a spatulas, laying down on top rack ·Pots bottom up wherever space allows (on their side okay if positioned so that water will drain out)

Placingrepparttar 100085 dishes and utensils in an orderly manner really does make for a better wash. It allowsrepparttar 100086 water sprays to penetraterepparttar 100087 dishes thoroughly. Try it … it works.

The analogy I offer customers is: If you were going on a car trip would you packrepparttar 100088 car efficiently, or just openrepparttar 100089 doors and throw everything inside so thatrepparttar 100090 passengers had to fight withrepparttar 100091 luggage. I think you getrepparttar 100092 picture.

Dishwasher efficiency

If your dishwasher is having a mechanical problemrepparttar 100093 result may show up as poor cleaning. Anything from low water pressure, broken pump, not draining fully, or even a blocked filter could berepparttar 100094 cause.

So how do you know ifrepparttar 100095 machine needs repair? You don’t. But, by checking allrepparttar 100096 previous problems first a lot ofrepparttar 100097 more common causes of poor cleaning can be easily eliminated.

Also, you have probably heard this a million times before, but before telephoning for service read you owner’s manual. It can include some valuable information. It will usually give you a checklist of items to test before calling for service.

Summing up

You now know what is needed to makerepparttar 100098 dishes come out ofrepparttar 100099 dishwasher sparkling clean. Hot water, good detergent, rinse additive, and proper loading practices. That’s it – that’s all. Provide all four of these things torepparttar 100100 dishwasher and your cleaning success is guaranteed.

So load uprepparttar 100101 machine, go get yourself a liquid refreshment, put your feet up and letrepparttar 100102 dishwasher do allrepparttar 100103 work.

Copyright 2004 by Donald Grummett. All right reserved. Donald Grummett is an appliance service manager in Ottawa, Canada. In the trade over 30 years as both a technician and business owner. For more information about appliances including FAQ, Stain guide, Recycling, and Newsletter visit

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