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This writer was raised in a home where Mom and Dad were stalwart Democrats. They’d vote for a jackass ifrepparttar democrats ran one for President—and I think that may have happened! I remember when Mom came home fromrepparttar 143440 Almond Growers here in Sacramento and told me she was fired for trying to help organize a union—which to this day does not exist atrepparttar 143441 Almond Growers/Blue Diamond operations!

Union—that’s right—Teamsters Union and proud of it. But deeply religious and steeped in social values that mirror those ofrepparttar 143442 conservative right today! Butrepparttar 143443 dems “went out there” and embraced a “social agenda” that got real “peculiar” as far as Mom and scores of other dems like her and dad. So what happened—go to Wichita, Kansas and find out for yourself. What’s happening in Wichita for blue collar workers is happening all overrepparttar 143444 nation andrepparttar 143445 only ones that can’t figure it out arerepparttar 143446 dems who control that party.

But that doesn’t make much difference. Why? Clinton and his NAFTA/DLC elites are nothing more than “Republican economic light”—forrepparttar 143447 “big picture” of global economic dominance is so steeped, so engrained inrepparttar 143448 psyche of both parties, thatrepparttar 143449 only battle of differences are social in nature, with some civil rights bearing limited attraction (i.e.,repparttar 143450 Democrats mouth support forrepparttar 143451 civil rights of minorities, gays, etc.). So why on earth would a socially conservative democrat vote for Kerry/Edwards when their economic policies virtually mirror those ofrepparttar 143452 Republican Bush/Cheney regime? And, talk is cheap! So,repparttar 143453 “anti-war” crowd are really, in so far asrepparttar 143454 “movers and shakers” atrepparttar 143455 top ofrepparttar 143456 Democratic Party are concerned, nothing more than “talk” – they too must protect Mrs. Kerry’s millions somehow—and it ain’t going to be through economic isolationism andrepparttar 143457 Libertarian policies of Pat Buchanan.

So—what you’ve got here arerepparttar 143458 little meaningless nuances on how to fightrepparttar 143459 global war on terrorism and still maintain economic hegemony overrepparttar 143460 world’s economies!


Compounding their ostentatious take over ofrepparttar 143461 leadership ofrepparttar 143462 Republican Party from its country club headship and wishy-washy moderate Republican elites (a.k.a.,repparttar 143463 “mainstream Republicans”), have beenrepparttar 143464 socio-religious conservatives—many of whom are white refugees fromrepparttar 143465 disenfranchised Solid South andrepparttar 143466 union (as in “labor union”) North. Their leadership, however, has promoted an aggressive commercial promulgation ofrepparttar 143467 Gospel of Prosperity and, ipso facto, their marriage to corporate America—who has found in themrepparttar 143468 moral covering to subjugaterepparttar 143469 world’s economy under one umbrella, their own.

Think about it—not only haverepparttar 143470 social conservatives ofrepparttar 143471 Democratic Party been disenfranchised (as a result ofrepparttar 143472 shift in emphasis withinrepparttar 143473 Democratic Party inrepparttar 143474 early 1980s from plain and simple economic issues torepparttar 143475 embrace ofrepparttar 143476 radical social agendas of various splinter groups and “party greens”)—butrepparttar 143477 social conservatives ofrepparttar 143478 Republican Party, and their newly-arrived democratic counterparts, now get to sit down and shut up and listen torepparttar 143479 likes of McCain, Guliani, and Schwarzenegger atrepparttar 143480 Convention!

Yes, it must be “luv” - Corporate America’s embrace ofrepparttar 143481 “Theocratic Right’s” commercialism was witnessed at NASCAR’s biggest event (February 15, 2004) in Daytona Beach, FL. Mel Gibson’s “The Passion” was seen atoprepparttar 143482 hood of a participant. AOL (America On-line) asked its audience if Christianity should participate in such blatant commercial advertising—in response, 85% saw nothing amiss with such merchandising (and AOL termed it “merchandising”)—thus, was birthed another benign “hybrid from hell” as Country Clubber and Prosperity Gospel-lite continue their turbulent romance of convenience and connivance.


The “man onrepparttar 143483 white horse” who promised “compassionate conservatism” at its inception—has changed horses from white to apocalyptic red, whereonrepparttar 143484 “man of peace” has becomerepparttar 143485 “man of war.” And, not just pure war—but “wars of liberation” -- wars that will democratizerepparttar 143486 planet, making it safe and free!

For those of us who cherishrepparttar 143487 liberties we hold as unalienable and given by our Creator and resist religious tyranny, “wars without,” and unbridled greed—we now beholdrepparttar 143488 resemblance of a prophetical eruption of an Image whose imperial might and colonial/commercial expansionism bears little or no recognition torepparttar 143489 America we once knew—and NEITHER political party wants to stop it! Inrepparttar 143490 name of freedom and liberty, of democracy andrepparttar 143491 banishment of terrorism and tyranny, we march on and on. Where have we heard and witnessed such affirmations once promised, but whose commercial and missionizing intentions were abysmal failures?

Dear friend, Christianity cannot be propagated byrepparttar 143492 sword nor by “shock and awe”—the promise of infidels and savages coming underrepparttar 143493 light and blessings ofrepparttar 143494 gospel, while simultaneously reaping huge economic profits, only exposesrepparttar 143495 rotten underbelly of rank colonialism—a recurring pathology whose flesh-eating diseased symptoms are altogether recognized throughoutrepparttar 143496 world.

A “crusade against evil” inrepparttar 143497 mind ofrepparttar 143498 inner cabinet of this administration—ubiquitously launched againstrepparttar 143499 mysterious forces of global terrorism and their serpentine networks and operatives—bespeaks of communism’s stupidity, when Brezhnev proclaimed thatrepparttar 143500 USSR’s “sacred internationalist duty” to thwart, through overt military acts, all attempts to subvert socialism’s experiment throughoutrepparttar 143501 globe were wholly justified. The “city set on a hill” -- that beacon of light to shine intorepparttar 143502 darkness—has now become an intrusive flashlight, probing and inspecting. Once her hands reached out torepparttar 143503 poor and tormented ofrepparttar 143504 earth—now she grabs their hands and fingerprints them upon entry at customs.

Joseph Goebbels’ famous dictum that to tell a believable lie one must tell a whopper or a cacophony of them continues to hold true today. Let me humbly state: The more we hear of why we entertained this “War of Liberation” commenced uponrepparttar 143505 Mesopotamian Plain,repparttar 143506 more nonsensical and blatantly false were its assumptions. Inrepparttar 143507 Twentieth Centuryrepparttar 143508 Nazis may have developed “the lie,” andrepparttar 143509 Soviets may have refined “the lie,” butrepparttar 143510 total believability of “the lie” has reached unsurpassed ignobility by a Twenty-First Century public so gullible, and underrepparttar 143511 ether of a press so compliant, thatrepparttar 143512 masses who have succumbed to this absurd barrage of disinformation are perhapsrepparttar 143513 most ill-informed generation ever to countenance America’s landscape.

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Doug is a member of the Last Days Network, a group of writers dedicated as a prophetic voice to the Church and the World. In particular, how religion and politics impact our life in America; news analysis and commentary on current events.

Schiavo: The Final Chapter

Written by The Indy Voice

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- No evidence to support allegations that Schiavo had been given poison by her husband

(Read more here, Schiavo had irreversible brain damage-autopsy)

I'm not going to harp on being right again or shove things like "I told you so" down your throat, after all this is a human tragedy exacerbated byrepparttar Republican party and making such comments would make my actions no better than theirs. As for those of you who were politically motivated in trying to deceive people into believing that this wasrepparttar 143244 decision of liberals, when in factrepparttar 143245 repeated decisions were made by a Christian conservative judge,repparttar 143246 Florida Supreme Court andrepparttar 143247 United States Supreme Court, I have just one thing to say to you:

Had you left this as a personal decision to be made by a loving husband you wouldn't look likerepparttar 143248 cold-hearted ignorant fools that you do right now.

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