DECT - A Simple Explanation and How We Can Benefit

Written by Jason Morris

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2. Wireless Loop (WLL) Users in a neighbourhood typically served by a telephone company wired local loop can be connected instead by a cordless phone that exchanges signals with a neighbourhood antenna. A standard telephone (or any device containing a telephone such as a computer modem or fax machine) is simply plugged into a fixed access unit (FAU), which contains a transceiver. The wireless Local Loop can be installed in an urban area where many users sharerepparttar same antenna.

3. Home Cordless Phones Withrepparttar 147776 huge range of multiple handset, one cell DECT systems onrepparttar 147777 market these days, people can install a single cell antenna anywhere in their home and have a DECT cordless handset in each room.

4. Cordless Terminal Mobility The arrangement that is used by a lot of businesses for their cordless PBX phone systems, could also be used by a service wanting to provide cordless phone numbers for individual subscribers. This system in general will provide less mobility than that of a GSM based system, which would give it's users a greater range.

5. GSM/DECT Internetworking The DECT standard is able to interact withrepparttar 147778 GSM standard, allowing users to move freely with a telephone fromrepparttar 147779 outdoors (GSM signals) into indoor environments (DECT signals). Inrepparttar 147780 future many GSM service providers will want to extend their services to support DECT signals inside buildings. A dual-mode phone would automatically first search for a DECT signal and then a GSM signal if DECT is not available.

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Verizon Missing Out on Customers by not Allowing Third Party Content

Written by Anthony Wayne

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According torepparttar Cool Ringtones Blog (, a blog site that reports onrepparttar 147554 mobile ringtone industry, long time ringtone provider Ringingphone ( is now providing ringtones and cellular wallpapers to Verizon customers. It is believed that this isrepparttar 147555 first instance where an independent ringtone provider has begun selling ringtones and wallpapers to Verizon customers.

Perhapsrepparttar 147556 walled garden has already crashed down.

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