Cyber Crooks Go "Phishing"

Written by Jim Edwards

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This new "phishing" style scam works extremely well for 2 basic reasons.

First, by exploiting your sense of urgency created by fear or greed, crooks get you to clickrepparttar link and give them your information without thinking.

Second,repparttar 127546 scammers use a variety of cloaking and spoofing techniques to make their emails and websites appear totally legitimate, making it extremely hard to spot a fake website, especially when they've first whipped you into an emotional frenzy.

The good news, however, is that you can protect yourself relatively easily against this type of cyber-crime with basic software and common sense.

Most of these scams get delivered to you via Spam (unsolicited email), so a good spam blocker will cut down on many of them even making it to your inbox.

If you receive an email that looks legitimate and you want to respond, Stop - Wait - Think!

Verify all phone numbers with a physical phone book or online phone directory like or before calling.

Look for spelling and grammatical errors that make it look like someone who doesn't speak English or your native language very well wrote it.

Never clickrepparttar 127547 link provided inrepparttar 127548 email, but go directly torepparttar 127549 website by typing inrepparttar 127550 main address ofrepparttar 127551 site yourself (example: or

Forwardrepparttar 127552 email torepparttar 127553 main email address ofrepparttar 127554 website (example: or callrepparttar 127555 customer service number onrepparttar 127556 main website you typed in yourself and ask if it is in fact legitimate.

Above all remember this:

Your bank, credit card company, PayPal, eBay and anyone else you deal with online already knows your account number, username, password or any other account specific information.

They don't need to email you for ANY reason to ask you to confirm your information -- so NEVER respond to email requests for your account or personal details.

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How to avoid being crammed

Written by David McDonough

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Consumer tips on cramming There are some simple tips consumers can follow to avoid being “crammed.”

Carefully readrepparttar fine print before filling out contest forms or coupons. You may be agreeing to new telephone services.

Review your telephone bill each month. Look for company names you do not recognize, charges for calls you did not make and charges for services you did not authorize. The FCC requires any changes of service to be “clearly and conspicuously” indicated on telephone bills.

Educate children and other individuals who make calls from your telephone aboutrepparttar 127545 charges for calls placed to information and entertainment services.

Allow others to use your telephone only for calls and services you authorize.

Keep a record ofrepparttar 127546 telephone services you have authorized and used, such as information services. These resources can be helpful when billing descriptions are unclear.

If you have been crammed If you find charges on your telephone bill which you cannot account for, contact your telephone service provider and ask thatrepparttar 127547 charges be removed.

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