Cute Cat Names ... And How To Find Them

Written by Marc de Jong

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If your kitten comes from a planned mating between pedigree animals, you need to registerrepparttar name. There are strict rules for this. Professional cat breeders are happy to tell you more.

Still, findingrepparttar 146973 right and preferably cute name is not easy.

Your family members will want to agree with it, and of course it should not sound silly once your cute little kitten becomes an adult cat.

Colors often give inspiration, orrepparttar 146974 coat. Duringrepparttar 146975 Clinton administration almost every American knew Socks,repparttar 146976 First Cat ofrepparttar 146977 United States, and itís not difficult to understand why Clintonís cat got this name.

A catís personality may also give a hint for a good name. This works best with older cats that you took from a shelter, because they usually have a clearly developed personality.

Celebrity names are also a good bet. There are cats that are called Elvis Presley or Marilyn (after Monroe). Best advice: choose a timeless celebrity. This week's Top-20 star may be forgotten tomorrow. But your cat certainly won't.

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The Top Five Reasons To Rescue A Boxer

Written by Jody Mitchell

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2. Rescue/Adult Boxers are usually pastrepparttar chewing stage. Just be sure to provide plenty of appropriate chew toys.

3. Reduced veterinary expenses. Most ofrepparttar 146972 time, your Rescue Boxer will be neutered or spayed already (almost always) and have its shots. There will be instances when you need to continue a medication, butrepparttar 146973 volunteers will give you plenty of information prior to adopting a Boxer.

4. Sweet Dreams. Rescue/Adult Boxers usually mean that you get a goodnight sleep since you donít have to calmrepparttar 146974 fears of a puppy. Additionally, adult Boxers have bigger bladders which means you wonít have to make a wee-wee run at 2am!

5. Thumbelina or Gargantua? You know how bigrepparttar 146975 Boxer will be when you get a Rescue/Adult Boxer. There will be no surprises such as; you think you are getting a big puppy because ofrepparttar 146976 big paws only to wind up with MiniMe.

Jody Mitchell, a stay at home mom and part time veterinarian assistant who has been saved by Boxer dog from car accident. Her amazing experience inspires her to write about Boxer: "The Boxer Chronicle - A Guide to All Things Boxer." Visit her Website

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