Customer service 101- What You Absolutely Need to Know

Written by Samaira kapoor

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Training is necessary in order to maintain good customer service and to keep up withrepparttar ever-changing trends ofrepparttar 143068 service industry while adding torepparttar 143069 basic building blocks of friendly and efficient customer service. Despite all these efforts, it is still argued that many organizations are not good at service and that large organizations in particular are frustrating forrepparttar 143070 customer to deal with.

Every company should commit to provide its customers with a high standard of service. Inrepparttar 143071 event of not meeting customerís expectations, company should like to hear from customers. By letting company know when customers are dissatisfied with company service, customer gives companyrepparttar 143072 opportunity to resolve their particular issue and to improve company service forrepparttar 143073 benefit of allrepparttar 143074 customers. So to grow faster companies need to manage their customers efficiently.

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Global Warming....What Can You Do?

Written by Ellen Gaver

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Today, I made a decision. It is no longer enough for me to talk and share. Today, I am asking for you to take a stand and make a difference. Today I joinedrepparttar March on Washington to Stop Global Warming, and I am asking you to dorepparttar 142783 same. We must not only care, we must say that we care and we must make our voices heard. Please join me today.

Please visit my page at and joinrepparttar 142784 Virtual March on Washington. Show that you care, and make your voice heard.

About the Author: Ellen Gaver, from the central coast of California, is a Work at Home Mom of one teenage son. Owner of Slo County Moms, she educates families about the dangers of household toxins and helps them to create safe and healthy homes. Learn more about Ellen and Slo County Moms at

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