Customer Preferences in Online Advertising-Part 1 of 3

Written by Karon Thackston

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It's just as I've stated for years. Let your target market lead your decision to use long or short copy. Those seeking information on affiliate programs, MLM programs, high-investment products or services, etc. are going to be seeking more information than someone in search of a new bathrobe. For more detail in this area, visit Here are some suggestions you can use to help build a successful information-type ad:

1.Include statistics - When you make a sales claim, back it up with information, including statistics. You might say, "Our saucepans have a non-stick coating that's guaranteed for life. In actual, in-home testing, food did not stick to our saucepans 98.3% ofrepparttar time."

2.Include targeted benefits - You must include targeted benefits to make your message hit its mark. Let's takerepparttar 101176 saucepan example a bit further. "Our saucepans have a non-stick coating that's guaranteed for life. In actual, in-home testing, food did not stick to our saucepans 98.3% ofrepparttar 101177 time. You get omelets that come out ofrepparttar 101178 pan whole. You get sautéed chicken that makes a beautiful presentation onrepparttar 101179 plate. You get less waste, less burnt food and more healthy cooking because you use no oil." Now those are benefits any chef would think are important.

3.Provide content on your site that backs up your claims - As you surfrepparttar 101180 Web take note of information that supports your advertising claims. Surveys, research, reports, testimonials, etc. can all provide valuable information that could move a customer fromrepparttar 101181 point-of-decision torepparttar 101182 point- of-purchase.

4.Submit articles - Customers looking for information are much more likely to respond to a URL listed in an article than a bold-faced advertisement. Because articles provide information in a non-threatening way, they work alongrepparttar 101183 same level as endorsements and referrals. Write articles relating to your area of expertise and submit them to article archive sites and Ezine publishers.

5.Offer a free report - Give away information free with a purchase or subscription to your newsletter. Since information is what surfers are looking to receive, it will work as a big incentive.

Next inrepparttar 101184 series will be a focus on ads that are avoided and shunned by online customers… and how to be sure yours isn't one of them!

Karon is Owner and President of KT & Associates who offers targeted copywriting, copy editing & ghostwriting services. Subscribe to KT & Associates' Ezine "Business Essentials" at or visit her site at


Written by Joseph Tope

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·The ad must provokerepparttar reader to take action or reach a decision that will result in a happy ending. The idea of speedy gratification must be invoked. ·The message must be seamless; that is,repparttar 101175 hard sell must not be too overt. The "hook" must be an integral part ofrepparttar 101176 message but never painfully so. The first law of advertising must be observed: Make certain thatrepparttar 101177 bottom line is reserved strictly forrepparttar 101178 product;repparttar 101179 ad's only reason for being is to showcaserepparttar 101180 product. The ad must ask forrepparttar 101181 sale- but never in a boorish manner. ·The appeal must be pitched to emotion as much as to reason. The "reason factor" is always there to giverepparttar 101182 consumer grounds to conclude that he or she reachedrepparttar 101183 decision to purchase based solely on logic. ·Whilerepparttar 101184 use of imaginative graphics may be desirable in terms of visual attraction, great care must be taken not to become too cutesy in terms of format. ·The ad must exploitrepparttar 101185 electronic medium; it should be readily distinguishable from a print or television ad. E-ads which are evocative ofrepparttar 101186 "hanging out", informal, sometimes-grungy side ofrepparttar 101187 original web are going to have an impact. Formal, polished, Madison Ave.-style ads are to be avoided likerepparttar 101188 plague.

Joseph Tope is the owner of, an e-commerce firm offering brand and marketing consultation to web business sellers and buyers. Joe also owns, a domain name brokerage with a planned opening date of March 2001.

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