Custom Web site Design Strategies

Written by Nathan Drew Sire

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2. Original layouts can be more easily implemented due torepparttar emergence of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) technology. Prior to CSS, it took much work (and therefore much money) to create designs with 'punch' as every design demanded hours upon hours of work with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language),repparttar 141421 old standard for writing and creating custom designs. CSS has freed Web designers from these restrictions, and of course, saves clients a great deal of money spent on man hours, leading more clients to demand great looking custom designs.

3. Navigation and usability have also increased, oncerepparttar 141422 restrictions were lifted fromrepparttar 141423 creation and development of custom sites. Oddly enough, for some reason, many years ago, it was thought 'common knowledge' that all sites should contain a left-hand navigation bar, and nothing else. This wasrepparttar 141424 old standard that designers had used for decades and no one thought to question this practice. This gave rise to sites that were forrepparttar 141425 most part 'cookie cutter' varieties, each havingrepparttar 141426 same standard layout and left-hand navigation bar layout. Creative use of right-hand navigation bars and other techniques have created sites that are very much different in layout and navigation thanrepparttar 141427 old standards, and this has not proven to be a detriment for most E-commerce businesses. In fact, uniqueness seems to be more memorable, and may indeed be a competitive edge in itself.

4. The emergence of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML technologies has opened up a whole new world of creative fonts, creative color schemes, and creative layouts. With WYSIWYG, designers can see exactly how a site will appear all throughrepparttar 141428 process, eliminating much ofrepparttar 141429 time consuming trial and error that preceded this. Even novice designers and those that seek to create their own site can benefit from WYSIWYG, as most Web site creation software and online sites used for Web site design incorporates this technology, which is easy to use for almost anyone and requires no coding language knowledge.

5. Better flash techniques have also been discovered and employed inrepparttar 141430 past several years, leading to greater effectiveness of flash sites, and faster upload speeds (a problem with flash prior torepparttar 141431 technological advances was slow loading). Sites that employ flash now have a more professional look and feel to them, and flash is used often now inrepparttar 141432 construction of online videos and games that appear on sites and educates and entertains visitors.

The past decade in technology has indeed lent itself torepparttar 141433 emergence of superior creativity in Web site design and Web development by Web masters. Gone arerepparttar 141434 old days of stagnantly designed sites,repparttar 141435 'same old, same old' fonts, dull colors, and slow-loading and ineffective flash. It seems now, thatrepparttar 141436 sky isrepparttar 141437 limit with customization of sites, and this can only be called one ofrepparttar 141438 best developments of this century. Beautiful sites, that will hopefully bring beautiful results to personal and E-commerce clients, are now standard, andrepparttar 141439 future looks brighter than ever for Web site designers and developers!

Nathan Drew Sire, President of Captain Media, services the web design/development market. He's been developing code since eight years old. Learn more about his company at

3 Rules of Website Designing and Layout

Written by Purva Mewar

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content is two parts. One, keepingrepparttar visitors in mind andrepparttar 141281 other keepingrepparttar 141282 spiders. Visitor needs emotional convincing andrepparttar 141283 spider - logical. Meta tags and keywords are what will come in handy with Spiders, visitors can be reached across better if we can help them identify and relate to our message or proposal in a more emotional manner. He will not buy from your site because you have designed you site in java or your because he found your core key-phrase inrepparttar 141284 anchor tag! He will have to be aspired... thus, content isrepparttar 141285 soul of site and you will have to keep it ticking...

Navigation: Let your site be very easy to navigate. A closely weaved theme, and therefore a well presented index will helprepparttar 141286 visitor to gain focus and  think in a certain direction.  A SITE MAP IS A MUST. Allrepparttar 141287 pages, as you keep adding them to your site should find a place onrepparttar 141288 site map. Spider should be able to reach all your pages thru site map. Another important thing to keep in mind is try to connect each link page from one other station besides sitemap. Connect your internal pages with each other according to their theme. No orphan pages. No broken links...

The author is Purva Mewar webmaster of two Work at Home Business websites, and

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