Custer and Keogh (Lincoln's Assassination too)

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Another side of our family is named King. Rufus King was a signatory of one ofrepparttar Declarations of Independence andrepparttar 125912 first man to publicly free his black slaves in New York. He also ran for President and was part ofrepparttar 125913 Masonic cult that is underrepparttar 125914 Rosicrucian Council of Three that Lincoln was a member of. They are notrepparttar 125915 apex ofrepparttar 125916 real elites who runrepparttar 125917 world but they are secret and powerful enough to be sure. I wonder if Clarence King is related to that branch ofrepparttar 125918 family that includes my father’s ‘Uncle Jim’ who lived to over a hundred years old and used to regale him with stories aboutrepparttar 125919 wild west and how he was a road gang boss onrepparttar 125920 cross continental railroads.

And then there arerepparttar 125921 Boston Bairds including Martha Baird Rockefeller who wasrepparttar 125922 mother of Nelson Alldrich Rockefeller. My father lived there briefly before he went to war. He thought we were related to her too. Margaret Keogh was born in 1890 in Portland Maine and unfortunatelyrepparttar 125923 1890 Census in this region was lost in a fire so my brother John seeking to help get citizenship status for our younger brother Gord ran into a lot of missing pieces when they did a detailed search in Quincy, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine.

Nelson Alldrich isrepparttar 125924 main ‘front man’ who brought world economic domination to us throughrepparttar 125925 FED and later deals includingrepparttar 125926 end of The Bretton Woods Agreement. These Boston Brahmins or Beacon Hill Mob are part of many other books I have written. I have met some of their recent ‘front men’ and learned a lot from them aboutrepparttar 125927 nature ofrepparttar 125928 real world and government. I thinkrepparttar 125929 Adams family and others likerepparttar 125930 Bairds were inrepparttar 125931 Americas long before Columbus and even beforerepparttar 125932 Stuart Royals like Prince Henry Sinclair. There is a growing awareness of just how badly our forefathers have treated many people throughout this world. Patti Smith is onrepparttar 125933 warpath and this review serves to give a little of her passion which I share.

“Gung Ho a throwback to rock records By DAVE VEITCH Calgary Sun GUNG HO Patti Smith (Arista)

At a time when every day brings yet another teen nymphette whose messages to world are (a) hit me/rub me, baby, and (b) I haven't had a boob job,repparttar 125934 arrival of a new album by 50-year-old punk godmother Patti Smith is like a cool glass of water to a parched soul. Gung Ho is a throwback to rock records that gave voice to political, social and moral ideas in hopes of changingrepparttar 125935 world one mindset at a time. Unlikely, yes, but you've got to admirerepparttar 125936 passion, intellect and conviction that Smith and her longtime band bring torepparttar 125937 material. One moment she's singing about spiritual transcendence inrepparttar 125938 hypnotic Lo and Beholden;repparttar 125939 next she's rallying against capitalism-gone-rampant onrepparttar 125940 angular rocker Glitter in Their Eyes (featuring Tom Verlaine on guitar and Michael Stipe on vocals). She involves historical figures, too, writing aboutrepparttar 125941 life and philosophies of Ho Chi Minh inrepparttar 125942 droning 12-minute title track and singing fromrepparttar 125943 point of view of George Custer's wife (the lovely, country-tinged Libby's Song) and an African slave determined to hold onto her pride (Strange Messengers). At times her words turn didactic and her rage starts sounding like haranguing. But on those occasions,repparttar 125944 music -- taut, sinewy, uncompromised -- carries you through.”

Some of my sources will be those who are tarred withrepparttar 125945 brush of ‘conspiracy theorist’ like myself. I suppose I am a ‘conspiracy theorist’ inrepparttar 125946 genre of Teilhard de Chardin who called for a ‘Conspiracy of Love’. I will attempt to be fair and raise questions as much as provide answers. There are no black and white answers and a good question takes more knowledge than a pat answer, I have generally found. You might have to do a lot of other reading and research therefore; but remember what FDR said – “If it happened, it was planned”.

Andrepparttar 125947 plan for an American Civil War andrepparttar 125948 expansion of Manifest Destiny and eugenics or ‘social engineering’ is whatrepparttar 125949 Rothschild’s or other Benjaminites who backed various players on both sides is what much of history is all about – I hope you will see this, at least in part, as this book proceeds. One book alone and evenrepparttar 125950 thirty I have written that cover different aspects of this are not yet enough to tell much more than a framework of what is going on to this day. When I started doingrepparttar 125951 intensive research into this I did not know what I would find in reference torepparttar 125952 financial powers and their association with people near to Custer. I was willing to simply examine some legends of our family. However,repparttar 125953 family legends are not as muchrepparttar 125954 matter of this book at this juncture. There are many things unanswered still, but I think I have found enough to warrant making a sincere and pleading call to re-openrepparttar 125955 issue of Custer and why he was basically murdered by people who feared what he was saying due to his popularity and his realistic chances of becoming President ofrepparttar 125956 United States at some point. I can say my father was right about Reno andrepparttar 125957 cover-up but I cannot say Reno acted alone or who instructed him to make surerepparttar 125958 Custer clan was eliminated. I see a lot of similarities withrepparttar 125959 assassination of Lincoln and JFK and I thinkrepparttar 125960 most powerful nation inrepparttar 125961 world should have some serious house-cleaning.

Columnist in The ES Press Magazine guest expert Author of Diverse Druids

The Superultramodern Universal Communism (SUC)

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi

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The community where communism thrives is a morally good community because to its people it isrepparttar welfare ofrepparttar 125910 community as a whole that is more important thanrepparttar 125911 welfare of an individual. This isrepparttar 125912 ideal and, as far as one has ego, shall never be realised (One isrepparttar 125913 same as ego, so impossible to realise.). Still it is better to tend torepparttar 125914 ideal.

For barbarians even English capitalistic system (and its law and order), for example, is a form of communism. And torepparttar 125915 ideal of universal communism I have mentioned, we are barbarians.

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