Cultivating Spiritual Intimacy

Written by Omaudi Reid

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In addition torepparttar above, a Christian couple spreadsrepparttar 122036 spiritual flames through joint spiritual habits. The most obvious of these is having scheduled devotions. In devotions couples pray and share biblical truths with each other in an open and transparent way. I recommend not only having a scheduled time of devotion, but also allowing that time to develop into a natural habit. In our experience, my wife and I, have found it best not to allow our scheduled time to become a rigid formality; instead, it serves as a training time forrepparttar 122037 natural flow of our spiritual connection. So that in times of difficulty praying and sharing together will be as simple as breathing.

A natural outflow of a joint spiritual life is spiritual dialogue. Although often neglected, spiritual dialogue is an important part of spreadingrepparttar 122038 flames of spiritual intimacy. I define spiritual dialogue as qualitative and interactive conversation concerning our application, thoughts, feelings, and conclusions on spiritual matters as it relates to our life and society. Put simply, it is enjoyably talking about how spiritual things affect our life andrepparttar 122039 world around us.

Spiritual dialogue is qualitative and interactive. It is more than surface talk, such as “Pastor preached a good sermon today”. It involves sharing our deep spiritual thoughts to each other, such as “this is how I’m going to applyrepparttar 122040 sermon to my daily life..”, or “the Lord showed me weakness in that area”. Remember to interact, and allow each other ample time to share insights and thoughts.

Going to spiritual events together provides opportunities for spiritual dialogue. Sometimes we can make religious activities such a duty that we drain allrepparttar 122041 joy out of it. Couples, however, can enjoy spiritual activities together. The spiritual activities couples can share together goes beyondrepparttar 122042 regular Sunday services, and weekly conferences. Volunteering to work side by side in a Christian ministry, and working together on Christian projects are good activities to share together. Along with that, today there are Christian movies and television programs that you can watch. Many Christian organizations today are making Christian videos more than ever. Perhaps you and your mate can buy a video, and watch it together, then discuss it afterwards. Simply enjoy your joint spiritual life; you are heirs together of God’s promise.

Omaudi Reid is the owner of HarvestersOnline, and author of Creating Unbreakable Bonds: Marital Intimacy on Three Levels He has a diploma in ministry from Harvest Army Bible Institute, and is currently pursuing a bachelor at Beulah Heights Bible College. He is an ordained minister of the gospel of Christ.

How To Completely Ignore Valentine's Day Without Having To Sleep In The Dog House

Written by Julie Hunt

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5. Dream Date. Take her on a dream date that won’t cost you a dime. Tell herrepparttar only topic of conversation is to hear about her dreams. What she loves. What she wants to do before she leavesrepparttar 122035 planet. What she’d like to learn. Where she’d like to travel. Who she most admires. Let her talk freely without stopping then write a few down later and help her create her dreams.

6. Use Actions and Words. Show her how much you love her by going out of your way to do little things and then reinforce it by telling her. “I’d be happy to _____ because I want to show you how much I appreciate you” or… “I knew you’d feel special coming home to _____.” or… “I wanted to show you how much I love by _____.” If this seems like too much work you can get a list of Valentine's Day heartfelt expressions at You won’t have to depend on your own creative loving juices and she’ll still hear how much you care. 7. Hugs for Health. 4 hugs for survival. 8 hugs for maintenance. 12 hugs for growth. Each and everyday.

8. Bon Appetite. Cook her favorite food. Pick up restaurant delivery andrepparttar 122036 biggest chocolate dessert you can find onrepparttar 122037 way home; or have one ofrepparttar 122038 online gourmet delivery options deliver a 5 course meal to your doorstep. Dimrepparttar 122039 lights. Start withrepparttar 122040 chocolate first. Put on an old Sinatra CD and tell her you fully expect that she may not even have an ounce of room in her belly forrepparttar 122041 Pecan Crusted Salmon main course. Get an easy recipe for an intensely chocolate experience with a rich decadent fudgey center at This alone will buy you blissful hours of love!

9. Sleep Tight Wishes and Bedtime Kisses. Makerepparttar 122042 very last moment of her day special by kissing her softly, accommodating a simple request like water or Kleenex, pullrepparttar 122043 covers up to her chin, touch her forehead and tell her you love her. Give her a kiss onrepparttar 122044 shoulder first thing inrepparttar 122045 morning too.

And if that doesn’t free you up fromrepparttar 122046 Valentine’s Day trap, forgetrepparttar 122047 diamonds and make her a handmade sweetheart style, metal shop charm that she can keep close to her heart. There’s nothing more heartwarming than your thoughtfulness, love and handy attention!


DON’T be a complete knuckle head, buy her a card!

For more simple happy fun essentials for every other day ofrepparttar 122048 year, take a peek at

Julie Hunt is pure delight and motivation. She’s a free flowing source of hope, energy and inspiration who tells it like it is giving straight forward and simple tips and advice so you can live happier days and obliterate the monotony of life at

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