Cult De-Programming?

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Washington’s sources are many and significant. Three noteworthy ones are Ancient Wisdom Revived by Bruce F. Campbell, Blavatsky by Marian Meade, and The Harmonious Circle by James Webb,repparttar latter being a complete history of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, and their followers. A biography of Blavatsky was also written by Theosophist Sylvia Cranston, who clumsily tries to portray HPB as a maligned saint ofrepparttar 105457 New Age. Meade’s biography is far superior and accomplishes even more than Washington’s or Campbell’s books in presenting Blavatsky’s complex persona to us. Another valuable resource on HPB andrepparttar 105458 Western guru type not mentioned by Washington was written in 1948 by E.M. Butler—The Myth ofrepparttar 105459 Magus (Cambridge Canto edition, 1993). In any case, if you wish to read an updated, critical look at Blavatsky and her influence, pick up Madame Blavatsky’s Baboon. Joseph P. Szimhart Cult Information Specialist/Exit Counselor Pottstown, Pennsylvania Copyright ©1997-99 AFF, Inc.” (1)

The so-called Western guru tradition they refer to is just a superficial label. I could demonstrate how Unitarianism and Christian Science are similarly polysolipsist or panentheist in effect. Emerson, Whitehead and even Teilhard de Chardin are all part ofrepparttar 105460 same line of thought as are old line Gnostic or Arian Christians and even many more mystical sects of Catholicism or Christianity including Carmelites, Quakers, Sandemanians and others. You must ask yourself if their purpose is really about stopping cultish or sheepish behavior. Is there an agenda? Why do we pay people to deprogram New Age philosophy-inspired people and allow so much Fundamentalist programming including even overlooking outright proselytizing in public schools and fromrepparttar 105461 mouths of Presidents? Their references to Krishnamurti having Messiahhood thrust upon him at age thirteen is contrary to my understanding of what Krishnamurti wrote underrepparttar 105462 name of Alcyon and how he operated all his life. He also continued to work with people inside Theosophy despite rejectingrepparttar 105463 mantle of Messiah which they do get correct. In fact if they had any desire to be fair they would point out Krishnamurti was against having others tell you how to find your true and faithful calling. Here are some words by fair biographers on this great man that illustrate his aversion to dogma or any form of cult.

“Education had always been one of Krishnamurti's chief concerns. If a young person could learn to see his conditioning of race, nationality, religion, dogma, tradition, opinion etc., which inevitably leads to conflict, then he might become a fully intelligent human being for whom right action would follow. A prejudiced or dogmatic mind can never be free.” (2)

Annie Besant adopted Krishnamurti and was a great social activist as well as one ofrepparttar 105464 few female Masons. Why don’t they mention that? She founded a College in India and was a vital part of getting India its independence. Her work in women’s rights in England preceded Margaret Sanger inrepparttar 105465 fight to educate people about what causes children despiterepparttar 105466 social taboos against education. It is sad to see this travesty is allowed to go underrepparttar 105467 heading of cult de-programming. Yes, Blavatsky was a promoter and plagiarist – so are most pulpit-pounders. In fact you can learn by reading her books and researching what she says. This is whatrepparttar 105468 reviewer should have pointed out rather than saying some of these people suffer depression. They go so far as to say “confusion and depression have been common ailments of lifelong disciples ofrepparttar 105469 Western guru tradition”. Sure they put it in brackets as if it was a side thought – it isrepparttar 105470 main purpose of this outright spin or lie. Yogananda was a far better psychologist than this guy could ever hope to be. I am reminded of how Erickson was a guru of psychology until he sawrepparttar 105471 truth inrepparttar 105472 Eastern thought and science of soul. Then he was mercilessly abandoned. I was expecting to read Krishnamurti committed suicide atrepparttar 105473 age of ninety, after that nonsense. These people allow a far greater insight torepparttar 105474 soul and our connectiveness than most psychiatrists and other programmers passing themselves off as healers will ever do.

Please readrepparttar 105475 passage carefully and note allrepparttar 105476 pejorative words and ways they demean without fair reportage. Do some research and study hard or you will continue to be made more of a sheep forrepparttar 105477 paradigm. Ask yourself what rolerepparttar 105478 Masons had in all of this on both sides ofrepparttar 105479 issue includingrepparttar 105480 Mormons, Hitler and other real mind control cults like Scientology.

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'Manufacturing Consent' and Hypnosis

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Any atmosphere that encourages imagery can alter consciousness. This may include: *The scent of burning incense *Lighting effects with flickering candles in darkness, stained glass windows *Emotion-arousing music, repetitive sounds, chanting *Symbolism with specific architectural designs, decor with pictures and ornate carvings, robes, etc. *Point of fixation such as an altar, picture, candle flame, or cross *Ceremony with certain rituals *Sermon with repetitive ideas or sounds and specific voice inflections *Silent meditation with eyes closed, focusing attention away fromrepparttar outer world torepparttar 105455 inner world ofrepparttar 105456 mind

Any and all of these factors {Plus repetitive propaganda and peer expectation.} may aidrepparttar 105457 creation of an altered state of consciousness, which some people callrepparttar 105458 superconscious state of a 'higher self' state. The unfortunate fact is that this state also is capitalized on by more than 5,000 cults in America, which exploit followers underrepparttar 105459 guise of healing, personal growth, and self-actualization.

My most memorable show ofrepparttar 105460 eighties was atrepparttar 105461 Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) in Vancouver, British Columbia. We held 33 evening concerts in 17 days. More than 50,000 people saw our presentations with up to 5,000 spectators at a single performance. The shows were done on a huge stage that was often over-crowded even though it could hold more than 200 people.

The expectancy ofrepparttar 105462 crowd reachedrepparttar 105463 point where I could walk on stage and within seconds have 50 to 100 people collapse in seconds and fall torepparttar 105464 floor. All I had to do was go torepparttar 105465 center ofrepparttar 105466 stage, look overrepparttar 105467 entire crowd, raise my right hand and simultaneously drop it, and in a commanding voice shout 'Sleep'. This was a quick way to getrepparttar 105468 show moving, and that was important for full entertainment impact. The audience couldn't get enough ofrepparttar 105469 show and enjoyedrepparttar 105470 humorrepparttar 105471 volunteers' antics created much more than howrepparttar 105472 actual hypnosis worked.” (7)

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