Cubs back in the chase (is it for real??)

Written by John Onan

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This team still has issues, namely inrepparttar bullpen and inrepparttar 149882 outfield, where centerfielder Corey Patterson was recently optioned to Triple A Iowa, and Jerry Hairston Jr. looks likerepparttar 149883 current incumbent and lead-off man. In leftfield,repparttar 149884 Jason Dubois/Todd Hollandsworth experiment failed to producerepparttar 149885 resultsrepparttar 149886 team was hoping for. Cubs GM Jim Hendry will be looking to add another bat, after coming up short in pursuit of Preston Wilson and Mark Kotsay. A package deal withrepparttar 149887 Tampa Bay Devil Rays for Aubrey Huff and reliever Dannys Baez remains a possibility; which would help sure uprepparttar 149888 bullpen as well, withrepparttar 149889 demoted Patterson and a couple minor leaguers dealt to Tampa in return. The Cubs also hope to have shortstop Nomar Garciaparra back inrepparttar 149890 lineup withinrepparttar 149891 next month, which would help easerepparttar 149892 burden on Derrick Lee and Aramis Ramirez. Baker has remained quiet on commenting on team needs inrepparttar 149893 trade market. "I can't say that," Baker said. "It'd be like me asking you what does your company need, a cameraman or a reporter. That's a good question, but a question I can't answer. I have to go out and tell these guys to give us all you've got. We talk about that in private."

Whetherrepparttar 149894 Cubbies acquire offensive help or not, as long as they have Wood and Prior healthy atrepparttar 149895 same time forrepparttar 149896 rest ofrepparttar 149897 season, you canít help but believe they will remain right inrepparttar 149898 middle ofrepparttar 149899 hunt in a very crowded chase forrepparttar 149900 NL Wild Card.

John Onan (ego74) is sports writer/moderator at the online players union ( and football contributor at he can be reached at

Michael Jordan and Your Shorts

Written by Jim McLellan

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You and Michael have more in common than you think. You were both under extreme pressure. You both shot at your target and you both made it. Butrepparttar story only begins there.

What were you and Mr. Michael Jordan thinking about when you made these great shots? Position of your legs? Knee bend? Left Arm straight? Shoulder rotation? Hip rotation? Right elbow? Left Elbow? Pivot? The Ball? Your Shorts?

You were "seeing" your shorts fly throughrepparttar 149881 air and hitrepparttar 149882 hamper. Michael was "seeing"repparttar 149883 ball go directly intorepparttar 149884 middle ofrepparttar 149885 basket.

You both "trusted" your minds and bodies to come up with a plan (without you) that would be successful. Any thoughts aboutrepparttar 149886 mechanics of your shots would certainly result in failure.

Why then, do YOU think YOUR golf pros advice about allrepparttar 149887 things you NEED to think about in your swing is going to help? The more you THINK,repparttar 149888 worse you get.

The golf swing, throwing your shorts, and Michael's successful shooting are a result of communication betweenrepparttar 149889 motor skill part ofrepparttar 149890 brain (calledrepparttar 149891 cerebellum, if you didn't already know that) and your wonderful machinery called your body.

When you skip rocks onrepparttar 149892 lake what do you think about? The moment of release? Pivot? Knees?

Isn't it about time you realized what creates a good shot, a good basket, or a good skip? Learn from Michael andrepparttar 149893 Anti-Pro, or get caught with your shorts down around your ankles.

To learn more about Jim's simple approach to learning your best golf swing inrepparttar 149894 shortest period of time visit his site at

Introduced to golf in 1948 at age 8, With an incredible swing and a gifted ability to instruct at age 15, students came to him at his family owned golf course from four surrounding states for lessons. Jim attended Arizona State University at Tempe on a golf scholarship, graduated from the PGA Golf School in Long Beach California in 1960.

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