Cross It Off Your List

Written by Liz Sumner, M.A.

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Low Hanging Fruit Are there a couple of items that you can just take care of this second and then they'd be done? Makerepparttar phone calls, sendrepparttar 101837 emails, putrepparttar 101838 ball in someone else's court. You'll feel great.

Find Out, Decide, Do Look over your hot list and figure out what kind of action is required. Do you need to get information, make a decision, or just do it. Often an item stays on a To Do list because this step hasn't been addressed. Make sure every item on your list has a verb attached.

Treat Yourself So you can't stall any longer. It's time to dorepparttar 101839 work. Make it pleasurable. Combine something you hate with something you enjoy. Listen to music while you washrepparttar 101840 kitchen floor. Promise yourself a hot bath or coffee with a friend whenrepparttar 101841 desk is cleared off. Have someone who truly understands what you've accomplished say congratulations with deep sincerity.

So that'srepparttar 101842 secret of my success. I'll always be a grasshopper in my heart, but I've come to appreciate a day to day sense of accomplishment. That surge of panic when I do something atrepparttar 101843 last minute has a certain appeal but it can't beatrepparttar 101844 satisfaction of crossing something off your list.

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Breaking Your Relationship Pattern, Part 2

Written by Rinatta Paries

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The first thing you need to do to get complete is to feel all of your feelings, no matter how unpleasant they may be. How do you feel about your past relationships? Have you swept your feelings underrepparttar rug? Are you still secretly pining for someone? What are you afraid of in regards to relationships? Who are you still angry with?

In order to allow yourself to feel, you have to know that feelings, unless they are ofrepparttar 101836 clinical depression orrepparttar 101837 criminal rage kind, will not kill or hurt you. Most people have either not hadrepparttar 101838 permission or never slowed down enough to feel their feelings. You must give yourself bothrepparttar 101839 time andrepparttar 101840 permission if any completion is to take place. As long as you don't let yourself feel, you will recreate exactly what you had inrepparttar 101841 past. If you want something different -- a fulfilling relationship -- you can't afford to recreaterepparttar 101842 past.

Right now, check in with your feelings and make a list of allrepparttar 101843 people and situations you need to complete. We will come back to this list.

The second thing you need to do to get complete is to take action. Look for a list of ten action steps in next week's newsletter.

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