Croquet Courting

Written by Peter Jay

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Well, all I have to say is that Mallet Girl did leave an impression on me. For several days there was an indent and bruise on my shin. Although, Mallet Girl and I never went on a date again, I will never forget her. I can still seerepparttar end of her mallet hovering acrossrepparttar 138554 grass toward my shin, even today. So, is croquet a good courting activity? You decide. Many girls would love a nice relaxing game of croquet out inrepparttar 138555 park. It is a good time or activity to just talk to someone while playing a friendly game. But, beware thatrepparttar 138556 girl that you take is not “Mallet Girl,” or you may be in danger. Also, make surerepparttar 138557 girl does not beat you, because it stinks to get beaten by girl… believe me, I know.

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The Australian Great Barrier Reef

Written by Jakob Jelling

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Experienced divers and snorkelers who visit Great Barrier Reef would be able to reach many different snorkeling and diving spots by live aboards as well as by choosing among many different day trips available. Most of Great Barrier Reef's diving and snorkeling spots are located betweenrepparttar areas of Lizard Island and Lady Elliot, and they are all worthwhile to be visited. The Great Barrier Reef offers several different wall diving spots full of beautiful sea creatures and colorful formations.

Those visitors who do not have any knowledge or experience on diving can learn this sport while visitingrepparttar 138532 Great Barrier Reef. There are many PADI and NAUI instructors offering their services in this area for all those who wish to learn or improve their diving skills. This way, everybody hasrepparttar 138533 possibility to dive or snorkel atrepparttar 138534 Great Barrier Reef and enjoyrepparttar 138535 amazing experience of this area's underwater environment.

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