Crop Circles and Genetic Knowledge

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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When two muons shielded from cosmic rays like gamma rays were separated inrepparttar deep mines formerly used by INCO at Sudbury in Canada something occurred that I think relates to this. They energized one muon andrepparttar 127586 other one that had been connected with it responded. Do we therefore haverepparttar 127587 right to say all energy is connected by what might be called ESP? Is this Intelligent Design or Affinity at work?

What level of connectiveness is man capable of if mere sub-atomic muons have such a medium for communicating? Is this important enough to consider and learn as was once done? String Theory tells us that all matter is comprised of or built from ‘one-dimensional harmonic forces’. Is thisrepparttar 127588 LOGOS written about inrepparttar 127589 Bible (BBL in vowelless script that all languages once were)? Isrepparttar 127590 tower of Babel (BBL likerepparttar 127591 Bible and Byblos) that my Phoenician Kelts put into myths asrepparttar 127592 Father of Biblical Archaeology says isrepparttar 127593 case; when he says “The Bible is a Phoenician literary legacy”? Does anyone care to see and study these artifacts with me? Other correspondents of mine have similar rocks they go so far as to call a Philosopher’s Stone. One of them is a genetic researcher andrepparttar 127594 ancients attuned torepparttar 127595 interior designs ofrepparttar 127596 animals they bred which I have spoken or written about for those same four decades. Genetic knowledge transfers from person to person whenrepparttar 127597 genes are passed in sex and procreation. This is written about byrepparttar 127598 esoteric schools of thought as fact for millennia. The Hobbit or Bonobos and so many other things are part of this – possibly? What do you think? Nah – I am just a nutcase.

Author of Diverse Druids Guest Writer at Columnist in The ES Press Magazine


Written by Khalil A. Cassimally

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“We can now assemble a DNA scaffolding on a pre-existing template, such as a computer chip and then assemble nanocomponents on top ofrepparttar DNA,” said Richard Kiehl, a professor of electrical engineering.

This technology would enable computers to identify objects in images in a blink of an eye. The speed at whichrepparttar 105815 computer could findrepparttar 105816 objects would nearrepparttar 105817 speed ofrepparttar 105818 eye and brain doingrepparttar 105819 same thing!

Revolutions in genetics have only just begun and surprisingly we are finding ways to putrepparttar 105820 newly found data in practice – in a totally different way as first perceived, I might also add.

Khalil A.Cassimally is the editor in chief of Astronomy Journal and Astronomy Journal Ezine. He is also the co-founder of the RCPL Astronomy Club. He is currently Senior Columnist at and Columnist for h2g2 The Post where he writes 'Not Scientific Science' column.

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