Cricket: Top Ashes Batsman

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Of course, Messrs Ponting, Hayden, Langer, Martyn and Gilchrist are all contenders to berepparttar leading batsman inrepparttar 148336 series. But Vaughan outscored them all in 2002-3, just asrepparttar 148337 West Indian opener Chris Gayle outscoredrepparttar 148338 England batsmen last summer; a player in a losing team is likely to get more innings.

So for those who expect Australia to retainrepparttar 148339 Ashes, Vaughan represents good value for money. is a large new E-zine with Expert Sports Betting-Gambling Previews, advice & tips.

Betting Guide/Strategy: Golf betting

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Local produce Look at players who have a good record in previous years, equally players tend to raise their game in their own country buoyed by nationalistic pride and gallery support. Also take account of climatic conditions for example Asian players will often fare better onrepparttar co-sanctioned Euro-Asian tours than their odds would suggest, however will they like a damp windswepped links course?

Fresh Produce Be wary of jaded players- be it playing week in week out, and take account of potential jet lag effects if transferring fromrepparttar 148335 US to Euro tours especially if events over-run torepparttar 148336 following day. At best this can hinder scope for practise rounds.

Ingredients Ability - cream generally rises torepparttar 148337 top Form - there is plenty of data available to support any aspect of play Suitability- You would think twice about serving white wine with a steak dish, therefore be wary of backing players with errant driving stats on narrow fairways, look for good putting stats whenrepparttar 148338 course lay-out suits etc.

Purchasingrepparttar 148339 goods If usingrepparttar 148340 bookies, shop around forrepparttar 148341 best prices, sites like PUNTERSODDS continually update and highlightrepparttar 148342 latest odds. Odds do vary significantly, and overrepparttar 148343 year this can only add torepparttar 148344 winnings or minimise losses.

Cooking time Ifrepparttar 148345 weather forecast was for howling gales and heavy rain inrepparttar 148346 morning, followed by calm sunny conditions inrepparttar 148347 afternoon, what would be your favoured tee-off time? This obvious factor can work to your advantage especially if trading - always look for angles and edges that could result in gaining an advantage.

Enjoy Hard work done, sit back and enjoy. Never be afraid to cash in on a winning position, or back additional players later inrepparttar 148348 tournament to ensure a positive return. is a large new E-zine with Expert Sports Betting-Gambling Previews, advice & tips.

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