Credibility: A crucial component of Web success

Written by Marc McDonald

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2. Learn to write (or pay forrepparttar services of someone who does know how to write). The fact that anyone can set up a Web site by definition means thatrepparttar 132048 overall state of writing onrepparttar 132049 Web is pretty atrocious these days. Even if you have a well-designed site and your information is accurate and honest, your credibility will suffer unless your writing is well-done. Sites that are full of misspellings and typos are much less likely to be taken seriously. You don't have to be a Hemingway to run a successful site. Indeed, you don't even necessarily need to know allrepparttar 132050 proper rules of English grammer. But you do need to know how to write clearly and be able to communicate your information in any easy-to-understand manner. The very fact that so few sites out there accomplish this means thatrepparttar 132051 few sites that do are going to be rewarded overrepparttar 132052 long run. Remember,repparttar 132053 vast majority of people onrepparttar 132054 Web want one thing: information. The fact is: a well-written site can succeed without a flashy design, Flash animations, cutting-edge technology and multimedia content. But onrepparttar 132055 other hand, evenrepparttar 132056 most cutting-edge, high-tech sites can't succeed without well-written content.

3. Strive for media attention. Accomplishrepparttar 132057 two goals above and you'll be on your way to succeeding in achieving media attention for your site. If your site presents accurate information (and it's well-written), your odds of gaining media attention are greatly enhanced. A media feature, whether it's in a newspaper or a magazine, or a broadcast, can do wonders for cementing your reputation as a credible site (as well as drive loads of traffic your way). Media attention also has a way of snowballing. Once you get a couple of major media mentions under your belt, you'll often find that others are forthcoming. As far as gettingrepparttar 132058 attention ofrepparttar 132059 media, there's really no shortcut. Most Webmasters I'm aware of that have gotten a media feature have pointed out that they never submitted their sites forrepparttar 132060 feature or article in question. Of course, it can't hurt to contact journalists, computer and Web columnists and other writers and ask them for a feature. But, by and large, you'll find that journalists come to you; notrepparttar 132061 other way around.

If you're worked hard, paid your dues and built a credible site, it's really only a matter of time before you'll find your site featured inrepparttar 132062 media. Despiterepparttar 132063 vastness ofrepparttar 132064 Web (andrepparttar 132065 millions of sites competing for attention), repparttar 132066 sites that've worked hard to achieve credibility are invariably rewarded inrepparttar 132067 course of time.

Gaining credibility isrepparttar 132068 toughest challenge you'll face as a Webmaster. But it's a goal that any Webmaster can achieve, with enough dedication and hard work.

Marc McDonald

No Website Sales? Maybe Your Site is Missing the Mark!

Written by Merle

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Your website pages all should work together underrepparttar same theme. The look and navigation must be consistent throughoutrepparttar 132046 site and should reinforce your offline brand identity. When building your site, use your brochures, business cards, and sales literature to incorporate your company image throughout.

For example, if you've been in business for 20 years and your company colors are gray and maroon, then your website shouldn't be pink and purple...follow me here? Keep your identity consistent online and off it will help with your company branding.

Another common error online marketers make is neglecting to update their websites, or keepingrepparttar 132047 same look for over a year. A website is not static, like a brochure. Its strength as a marketing tool is its capability to evolve as time goes on, and you should add to it regularly. Experts say you should totally re-design every year to keep visitors from getting bored. An easy way to add fresh content is to add a news feed on whatever subject matter matches your site. The best service I have found that won't cost you a dime is It's easy to set up, just cut and pasterepparttar 132048 code they give you.

There are plenty of services online that will give you a single piece of JavaScript to paste into your pages giving yourepparttar 132049 capabilities of showing new articles written by online experts on a weekly basis. Shelley Lowery of Web-Source has just started a new syndication service find it at If you're interested in having your content appear on other people's sites take a look at "Master Syndicator" software at

The promotion process should not begin until your website works as an effective sales tool for your business. If your site is poorly designed and lacks content you'll just be wasting advertising dollars if you try to market it.

So next time your site sales are in a slump, take a look in your own backyard. You may be surprised at what you find.

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