Creativity as a treasure hunt

Written by Angela Booth

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What questions can you ask?

That depends on what you want, or what you want to know. You can start withrepparttar good old stand-bys: who, what, how, when, where and why. When you ask yourself who, what, how, when, where and why questions, you need to build on your answers, so that you can get torepparttar 117499 important questions,repparttar 117500 ones which, when you answer them, will make an immense difference in your life.

For example, you might ask yourself: "How can I spend less time reading e-mail?"

Before brainstorming ways in which you could spend less time reading e-mail, you explore this question further:

Why do I want to spend less time reading e-mail?

So that I can finishrepparttar 117501 important projects Iím working on.

Why do I want to finishrepparttar 117502 important projects Iím working on?

Because it increases my value torepparttar 117503 company.

Why do I want to increase my value to my company?

So that I will get a pay rise this year, increase my job security, and build up my investments.

Why do I want a secure job, and to build up my investments?

So that I can retire torepparttar 117504 country in five years.

Why do I want to retire torepparttar 117505 country?

So that I can relax and enjoy my life.

You can see that going through this question and answer process lets you ferret out your motivation. And having real motivation for finding an answer to your e-mail question not only ensures that you'll be creative in your attempts to find solutions, but also that you'll put those solutions into practice.

Your questions will lead you to your goals, but donít set your goals yet! You don't know enough about yourself to set your goals... not yet. Youíve probably set goals before. Some you achieved, and some you didnít.

Just ask questions, rather than setting goals. You will eventually discover what your goals are. Byrepparttar 117506 time you get to that stage, "setting" your goals will be irrelevant. You will know exactly what your goals are, because you've discovered them, and you'll haverepparttar 117507 motivation to move toward your goals creatively.

Your questions can be about whatever you like. The idea is to get back intorepparttar 117508 habit of asking questions, just as you did when you were a kid. Donít be afraid of asking "stupid" questions. Your questions can be as simple, or as profound, as suits you. Your questions always lead to something: to a discovery about yourself. However, try to make your questions specific. An example: what could I do increase my sales by 10% this month?

Ask yourself your questions in writing. Then remember to findrepparttar 117509 answers to those questions that youíve posed. Itís important to write your questions down, too.

Once you getrepparttar 117510 hang of asking questions and finding answers, guess what?

You've foundrepparttar 117511 creative treasure.

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Doomed to Failure

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Does that mean you immediately commit to a store and get a merchant account so your customers can pay for their orders? NO. Start your web site, and advertise it heavily. One ofrepparttar better bets is ezines or newsletters that targetrepparttar 117498 audience you wish to reach. Try to build a following on your website - consider your own newsletter.

If you are able to get a respectable number of visitors to your web site, or subscribers to your newsletter, you just might have a shot at your online store succeeding. Remember, "Content is King". If you provide good content, you will have return visitors. Return visitors are potential future customers.

Offer freebies, run contests, have guest columnists contribute; these all enhance your site. But forget some ofrepparttar 117499 hype you will run across. This does not happen overnight. Once established, will you make money while you sleep - you betcha.

Like any business, you will need a war chest. How much? If you're going to be selling a product, you'll need an inventory. But don't be likerepparttar 117500 person who bought into Equinox (see who has $5,000 worth of junk in their garage they can't give away.

Look for a distributor who will sell in small lots. Sure they will charge a bit more, and you will earn a bit less, but you're not in over your head. Ifrepparttar 117501 product moves, you can then afford to buy larger lots at a lower price.

You should then know pretty quickly if it is going to work. If it is positive at that point, move to your next level. Open your online store, get merchant status so you can accept credit cards, and move forward.

Above all, use "due diligence" in any venture you take, and you just might not be "Doomed to Failure".

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