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Money guru Suzie Orman claims we take care of our moneyrepparttar way we take care of ourselves. In my work as a creativity coach and my own experience of writing five books, essays, screenplays, and a TV script, I have foundrepparttar 129335 same to be true: We take care of our creativityrepparttar 129336 way we take care of ourselves.

Six things I believe about writing:

If you put your bottom inrepparttar 129337 chair, you are a writer; it ain't about what people think.

Learn to surrender torepparttar 129338 desire to create.

Learn to value your own opinion.

Learn to speak to yourself like someone you love.

Learn to separate out opinions from facts.

Learn to have faith.

"Why is it that I wanted to write and what was it that made me feel that way?" Allow, however, it is that you feel to pour out on torepparttar 129339 paper before you.

Timed writing three minutes.

Done with lightness.

Ways to use: warm up, clear out head, generate ideas, generate content that you can then revise on computer, outline, go back into a piece and expand or generate new energy into a section.

An idea for a one week practice: Go back to this first session then pick from any number of questions that you could ask of your original writer, like: Why is it that I want to write? What it is that I really want to write? What is it that has held me back from writing as I would like to? What can I do to changerepparttar 129340 destiny of my writing?

Letters between Jung and Freud: Watcher atrepparttar 129341 gate and he keeps them from their genius,repparttar 129342 place in themselves that wants to speak. They agreed to make monstrous clay heads and when they wrote about whatever was meaningful to them, they would turn them torepparttar 129343 wall, actively turnrepparttar 129344 Watcher away.

Writing practice: If I turn my Watcher torepparttar 129345 wall then...

Jennifer Louden is the best-selling author of five books, including the classic, The Woman’s Comfort Book. She is also the creator of, a frequent lecturer on creativity and self-care, and a creativity and writing mentor.

Make Money Writing Fillers

Written by Teraisa J. Goldman

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In addition to more money for amount of time spent working, fillers are a terrific way to getrepparttar editors used to your work, style and name.

And after you send in a filler?

Don't sit around waiting for a response... get to work! Send another filler. There is a market for your work and it's waiting for you.

Filler Markets

Adventure Journal, The Adventure Travel Magazine: Travel Publishing Group, Inc. 50 Oak Street Suite 30 San Francisco, California 94102 Needs: anecdotes, facts, newsbreaks, short humor, 50-150 words. Pays $50-150.

Angels On Earth: Guideposts, Inc. 16 E. 34th Street New York, New York 10016 Needs: short angel incidents, attributed quotes about angels. Sample copy and writer's guidelines for 6*x9* SAE with $1.01 postage.

Catholic Digest P.O. Box 64090 St. Paul, MN 55164 (612)962-6739 fax: (612)962-6755 EMail: Needs: Jokes, short anecdotes, quizzes, and informational paragraphs. Pays: $2.00 per published line.

Chesapeake Bay Magazine 1819 Bay Ridge Avenue Annapolis, Maryland 24403 Needs: boat and boating anecdotes, news and more.

Cricket Magazine P.O. Box 300 Peru, Illinois 61354 Needs: math puzzles, challenging mazes, crossword puzzles, crafts, recipes, plays, music, and art. Ages 9-14.

Family Circle Bright Ideas (post cards, only) P.O. Box 5028 Grand Central Station New York, New York 10017 Pays $50 if they print your tip. Call 1-888-216-7219 for examples.

The Family Handyman "Great Goofs" 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700 Eagan, Minnesota 55121 Needs: funny goof up stories about your handyman follies and escapades. Buys all rights. Pays $100

Get It In Writing! P.O. Box 20336 Carson City, Nevada 89721-0336 Needs: Anything related to writers and/or writing. Short quotes, advice, tips, comedy and more.

LIVE 1445 Boonville Avenue Springfield, Missouri 65802-1894 Needs: Christian anecdotes, short humor, 300-600 words. Pays 7 - 10 cents a word. Sample copy and writer's guidelines for #10 SASE

Mademoiselle Reader Mail 4 Times Square 17th Floor New York, New York 10036 E-mail: Needs: opinions, thoughts, tips, how to pluck your eyebrows withoutrepparttar 129334 pain... you getrepparttar 129335 picture. Pays: $50 if they print your writing.

Our Family, Oblate Fathers of St. Mary's Province P.O. Box 249 Battleford, Saskatchewan SOM OEO Canada Needs: jokes, gags, anecdotes, short humor. Sample copy and writer's guidelines for 9X12 SAE with $2.50 postage. Only Canadian postage or IRC useful in Canada.

Politically Correct Magazine Turquoise Butterfly Press P.O. Box 750 Athens, Ohio 45701-0750 Needs: facts, gags to be illustrated by cartoonist, newsbreaks, poetry, short humor, 20-200 words. Pays 1 cent a word. Writer's guidelines for #10 SASE.

Radiance Magazine On-line Radiance: The Magazine for Large Women P.O. Box 30246 Oakland, CA 94604 Phone: 510-482-0680 Fax: 510-482-1576 E-mail: Needs: Short stories, poetry, kid's projects, book reviews and tips. Pays: Book Reviews: $35 to $75, Profiles: $50 to $100, Short Stories $35 to $50, Poetry: $10 tocom $15.

Ranger Rick, National Wildlife Federation 8925 Leesburg Pike Vienna, Virginia 22184 Not buying riddles, word searches, dot-to-dot or crossword puzzles. Needs: nature-related, challenging, original freelance puzzles, something an 8-10 year old can finish without help.

Short Stuff, for Grown-ups Bowman Publications P.O. Box 7057 Loveland, Colorado 80537 Needs: anecdotes, short humor, 20-500 words. No x-rated adult fare. Pays $1-5. Sample copy and writer's guidelines for $1.50 and 9x12 SAE with 5 first-class stamps.

Strange Horizons Magazine E-mail: and type "POETRY SUB: Your poem title" inrepparttar 129336 subject line. Plain text inrepparttar 129337 body ofrepparttar 129338 email. No attachments please. Needs: Poetry Submissions: under 100 words, no simultaneous submissions Pays: $10 to $20.

True Crime Fanatic Newsletter and Website Post Office Box 20336 Carson City, Nevada 89721-0336 E-mail: Needs: True crime articles, stories, news and book reviews for website and newsletter. Reprints are fine. Pays: $5 for articles/stories/news over 1800 words; $3 for articles/stories/news up to 1800 words and over 1,000 words; book reviewers and all others are given a byline AND A BIO page for links, works and pictures. $1 per use of orginal photos. Paid within 60 days of publication. We NEVER ask for all rights!

Working Mother Editorial Department Working Mother Magazine 135 West 50th Street New York, NY 10020. Needs: Articles and tips dealing with time, home and money management, family relationships, and job-related (work/family) issues. 700 to 1500 words. Pays: Did not mention.

Writer's Digest 1507 Dana Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45207 Needs: anecdotes and (short) humor for or about writers, writing, andrepparttar 129339 writing life, 50-250 words.


Teraisa's words can be read in books and publications such as: More the Write Advice, Christian Unschooling: Growing in the Freedom of Christ, Woman's Day, Highlights For Children, Baby Years, True Crime Chronicles and The Writing Parent. She's Nevada State Representative for ByLine Magazine and is finishing up The U-Haul Murders: True Crime and Capital Punishment. In her spare time, she enjoys homeschooling her three wonderful girls.

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