Creative Presentation Openers That Work

Written by Debbie Bailey

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5. Humorous Anecdote – Humor is one ofrepparttar BEST ways to win an audience over and get them enthusiastic about you and your presentation. Humor enhancesrepparttar 107965 audience’s positive perception of you. When an audience laughs with you, chances are good they are also FOR YOU! The safest type of humor is stories or anecdotes that are uniquely yours. The problems you had traveling to get to your presentation make humorous presentation stories. Your dinner disaster is always good for a presentation laugh. One reminder worth mentioning--only use humor when you can relate it torepparttar 107966 subject matter—irrelevant jokes are not suitable presentation openers. Here’s an example of a humorous anecdote… “There is nothing more humbling thanrepparttar 107967 honest opinion of a five year old. I was feeling really good about this outfit this morning (even preening a little in front ofrepparttar 107968 mirror) when my five year old daughter came up to me and said, mommy, are you going to wear that table cloth to work?”

6. Curiosity – Provokingrepparttar 107969 audience’s sense of curiosity can also help you capture their attention. When we are curious about something, we tend to listen more closely to see how it works out. The TV news trailers you see during Prime Time television often use curiosity to try to entice you into staying up and watchingrepparttar 107970 late news. “Tonight at 11:00, find out what vitamin combination can save your life.” Inrepparttar 107971 presentation realm, you might use a more subtle tactic, “Today, I’m going to tell you three important things that I guarantee will changerepparttar 107972 way you do business forever…” Because they are curious,repparttar 107973 audience will pay close attention to see what those things are.

7. Gimmick – The sole purpose of a gimmick is to capturerepparttar 107974 audience’s attention, so it makes sense that beginning with a gimmick is a good strategy. An example of a gimmick might be… A presenter who is going to speak aboutrepparttar 107975 benefits of a paperless office beginsrepparttar 107976 presentation by dramatically crumbling papers and throwing them away. He/She then asksrepparttar 107977 audience to throw away allrepparttar 107978 paper that has been planted in front of them. Note that everyone loves a gimmick, as long as it is in good taste.

Remember, incorporating a good attention getter intorepparttar 107979 introduction of your presentation can meanrepparttar 107980 difference between being MEMORABLE or FORGETTABLE. For much more about this and other Presentation Secrets, check outrepparttar 107981 book "15 Presentation Secrets: How to WOW Evenrepparttar 107982 Toughest Audience," by Debbie Bailey available at

Debbie Bailey is author of the book "15 Presentation Secrets - How to WOW Even the Toughest Audience." She is well known for her life changing presentation skills classes. In addition to training at some of the most successful companies in Corporate America, Debbie has also taught Presentation Skills for United States Marines, San Diego State University, and UCLA Extension.

Avoid Computer Phone Nightmares aka VoIP

Written by Dee Scrip

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Secure lines that include a provider’s own patented technology simply means, calls from PC to PC go throughrepparttar provider’s own server or platform, which incorporates its own security protection, thus enabling you to talk privately and with peace of mind.

What can you do? If you currently use a free computer phone or pay for a service, find out ifrepparttar 107964 provider operates from a secure server that includes patented technology. Request a detailed, written description relative to what their service provides. Ifrepparttar 107965 service includes an open server and/or they cannot give yourepparttar 107966 needed assurance or requested information, then discontinuerepparttar 107967 service and immediately removerepparttar 107968 software from your computer. You can analyze your computer’s security for free by going to

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As a 3WTel VoIP Solutions Provider, Dee Scrip is a well known and respected author on VoIPs. A mother of 5 and grandmother of 12, she truly enjoys helping others succeed financially so they, in turn, can do the same for others.

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