Creative Kid Birthday Cake Ideas

Written by Mike Dougherty "Grandpa Mike"

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Green Eggs and Ham Cake

Panda Cake

Treasure Chest Cake

First Birthday Party Cake Ideas

Baby's Bib Cake

Baby Cakes

Baby's Booties

Puppy Dog Cake

Pail of Sand Cake

Like I said, when it comes to kid birthday cake ideas for your child's party,repparttar only limit is your imagination.

Birthday Cake Recipes

Once you and your child decide what thier party theme will be, start thinking about your birthday cake masterpiece.

To getrepparttar 145669 recipes forrepparttar 145670 cakes mentioned above and for more creative cake ideas, take a look at these Fun Kid Birthday Cake Ideas. And take a look at First Birthday Cake Ideas for recipes that will amaze your baby's first birthday party guests.

All it takes is a little imagination and your kid birthday cake will be a huge success!

Mike Dougherty has years worth of experience putting together birthdays for his two children and now his two grandchildren. Now Mike is the webmaster for and a movie based web site

Time Management for Stay at Home Parents

Written by Stephanie Foster

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If you have work at home job or home business, make sure you have plenty of time to get your daily tasks done there. Once again, knowing when you will be most productive will help you tremendously. Not all opportunities will give you flexibility to change your schedule to meet your preferences, so you may have to find ways to deal with work schedules that are not ideal. Businesses, too, have a way of eating into other plans, so keep a certain degree of flexibility in your daily schedule.

Everyone has things they do that just waste time. Know what you tend to do that is unproductive. This doesnít mean skimping on personal time. However, if you get too interested in tiny details, perfecting things, and so forth, you can waste a lot of time better spent elsewhere. Being disorganized also wastes tremendous amounts of time. Write down important phone numbers, addresses and so forth where you WILL find them easily later.

Donít forget to include everything that uses time in your day. Your children get out of school at a certain time, but how long does it take you to walk or drive there?

Make sure you arenít spending an excessive amount of time doing activities such as watching television, surfingrepparttar internet, checking email, gossiping with friends, and so forth. While these are certainly enjoyable activities, if they take up too much of your day you can feel frustrated while trying to get other, more important things done. Know how much time you can spend on these things. Can they be moved to less stressful times ofrepparttar 145668 day? A VCR or Tivo can make it very easy to switchrepparttar 145669 time you watch your favorite television programs. The internet and email will be there when you have time. Friends will understand if youíre too busy for an involved conversation if you tell them so.

Much of time management is simply being aware of what you need and want to do and how much time you will need for it. It need not take much time at all out of your day to plan how best to use that day.

Stephanie Foster is the owner of Home with the Kids, a resource that knows that there's more to staying home with your family than just business. From money saving tips to parenting and marriage tips, to work at home jobs and businesses, you can get information and support here. You can visit the site at and sign up for the free newsletter.

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