Creating the perfect first date

Written by Chantelle Ashby

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Go for a walk alongrepparttar beach, river or in a park

A walk along a river, inrepparttar 146090 park or alongrepparttar 146091 beach gives you things to see, time to talk and can be as short or as long as you like. Just make sure you are well prepared clothing wise beforehand – no one wants to spend time with someone who is frightened about getting their clothes dirty or is wearing their ‘best’ shoes while walking along a riverbank and whinging about it!

Do an activity together .. Try doing an activity together such as bowling, bingo, even a sailing lesson - whatever else takes your fancy! However, biggest rule - dut don’t do something that is your passion. For example, if you are onrepparttar 146092 bowling team and you take your date torepparttar 146093 bowling alley, they’ll feel embarrassed that they aren’t as good as you.

Also, if it is a place you regularly frequent – avoid it! While it is nice that everyone knows you, it can be a bit off putting for your partner if you are talking to acquaintances and your date is standing inrepparttar 146094 background. They may also feel like a bit of a ‘trophy’ date, like they have been brought along merely to be shown off!

Laugh yourselves silly Go to your local comedy club and laugh yourselves silly. Comedy clubs have nice, relaxed atmospheres and you can always have a chat atrepparttar 146095 bar duringrepparttar 146096 break.

Visitrepparttar 146097 funfair or a zoo A great place for first dates, there is always so much to do and so many laughs, that you’ll enjoy yourselves even if you don’t actually like your date much!

So that’s it, ideas for your first date covered. All you need to do now is relax, show a genuine interest in your partner, keeprepparttar 146098 topics light (no one wants to hear how your met your ex on a prison bus or how he/she called you a ’manic’) and have a good time!

Then – if you want it – you’ll be planning your second date!

Chantelle Ashby is online editor at UK Dating Online. An experienced dater of 16 years she has finally found true love and is happily married with a menagerie if animals.

7.9 Things I Learned About Success From Darth Vader

Written by Owen Stobbe

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5. Be prepared to go it alone – There’s no I in team, but there are 3 in millionaire.

Successful people know that sometimes they have to follow their dreams alone. Sometimes everyone around you will abandon your vision. It takes a strong character to go it alone.

What usually happens is everyone hops back on your success train once it’s come in.

6. You are always good at something – We all have a talent we are good at.

Successful people know what they are good at. They've practiced their talent.

Honed it. Excelled at it. The key is for you to find what you are good at and dorepparttar same.

7. Consistent action – Step up and keep stepping up.

Successful people take consistent action. Notice how I said ‘consistent’. We can all take action once in a while. It’s successful people that constantly take action that getting them to their goals.

The key to success is to act constantly. Money doesn’t grow on a rolling stone…or is that moss?

7.9 Focus, focus, focus – Hitrepparttar 145865 bullseye.

Successful people know how to focus. They focus on only one money making idea and take it from cradle to grave.

They don't have one idea, then have another idea next week, and anotherrepparttar 145866 week after that.

Focus on one money making idea and take it as far as you can.

So to wrap up, it takes perseverance, discipline to achieve your goals. It's good to have a mentor. Don't be afraid to dorepparttar 145867 job or to go it alone. Use your talents. Constantly act and focus like a laser.

Oh yeah...Always keep your lightsaber safety on!

Yours for excellent success,

Owen Stobbe

P.S. May The Success Be With You.

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