Creating the Perfect Life

Written by Alan Tutt

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Let's think about this for a moment. How many thoughts have you had inrepparttar last week? How many of them were positive, happy, and full of hope forrepparttar 122199 future? How many of them were negative, frustrated, angry, upset, or fearful? If you're like most people, you had a mix of positive and negative thoughts and feelings. And since thoughts direct Power to create our experiences, they will create a mix of positive and negative events in your life, won't they?

Okay, so let's consider something else. You have a mix of different thought-forms out there waiting to manifest. You spend a few hours today thinking only positive thoughts and creating new positive thought-forms. Which thought-forms are going to manifest tomorrow? It could be any that are still out there, positive ones or negative ones, right? Of course! And this is why it's possible to think positive thoughts for a long time and still have negative things happen! Becauserepparttar 122200 negative events are simplyrepparttar 122201 manifestation of thought-forms you sent out intorepparttar 122202 world previously.

So how can we use this information? Since we know that all thoughts we send out intorepparttar 122203 world will eventually create experiences, andrepparttar 122204 timing ofrepparttar 122205 manifestation of those thoughts is beyond our control, then all we can do is send outrepparttar 122206 kinds of thoughts we want to experience and accept whatever happens inrepparttar 122207 meantime. If we persist long enough, thinking and feeling only positive things (things we want to experience), then eventually there will be no more negative thoughts left to manifest. At that point, we will be living a life where nothing could ever go wrong!

But what do we do before that time? If something goes wrong, or we experiencerepparttar 122208 manifestation of one of our negative thought-forms, then we can realize that we are one step closer to our goal. There is one less negative thought-form out there to experience. Look at it this way, if God told you that you would have to kiss a hundred ugly toads, butrepparttar 122209 last one would make all your dreams come true, would you start kissing toads? And how would you feel as you were doing it? You would probably be thinking about allrepparttar 122210 glorious things that last toad will do for you!

Keep thinking positive, and get throughrepparttar 122211 toads as quickly as possible!

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Tools of Power

Written by Alan Tutt

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Because of this, it would seem logical thatrepparttar inorganic tools of Power would have very little Power themselves, but would rather act as a catalyst to helping us tap and use our own connection to Power. And whilerepparttar 122198 natural tools of Power, such as wood pieces, teeth, claws, and so on have (or had) a greater degree of intelligence, they also would have much less Power than we have ourselves.

Modern psychology has discovered some of what causes these tools of Power to have their catalytic influence onrepparttar 122199 human mind. In a single word, in can be summed up as 'belief'. If you believe that a shiny rock will give you good luck, then it will. If you believe that breaking a mirror will give you seven years of bad luck, then it will. If you believe that kissingrepparttar 122200 first person ofrepparttar 122201 opposite sex you see inrepparttar 122202 day will give you extra strength and endurance, then that will become true for you. Inrepparttar 122203 Keys To Power (and many other systems) this is known asrepparttar 122204 Law of Belief. The world will appear to you to be what you believe it to be.

The flip side to this is interesting. Since it isrepparttar 122205 inner mind that has a direct connection to Power. Whatever you believe to be an effective method of working with Power will causerepparttar 122206 inner mind to work with Power more effectively when you are performing that method. In other words, if you believe that sitting in a yoga position chanting for hours at a time will increase your supply of Power, thenrepparttar 122207 inner mind will give you access to more Power when you perform this ritual (an intangible tools of Power). If you believe that working with a metal tube with a crystal attached to one end will help you focus Power towards a specific goal, then your inner mind will focus Power even more strongly when you are working withrepparttar 122208 crystal rod.

But this is not to say that these tools of Power are worthless, that they have no value in and of themselves. If you are unable to focus your Power without a tool, andrepparttar 122209 tool helps you focus your Power, then by all means userepparttar 122210 tool. We do not come out ofrepparttar 122211 womb able to walk, so we use whatever it takes to move us around until that time when we are ready to walk. We do not haverepparttar 122212 ability (yet) to fly on our own, so we use tools to help us do that whenrepparttar 122213 time calls for it. Tools are beneficial when we are unable to perform a task without them.

The bottom line on tools of Power is this. They work according to your belief. That belief is usually built by association and repetition. The more you are exposed to an idea, andrepparttar 122214 more you are exposed to similar ideas,repparttar 122215 stronger your belief. If you have been exposed torepparttar 122216 idea that crystals, or pyramids, or ley lines, or glass beads have a Power and will give yourepparttar 122217 ability to control Power, then work with that belief and use it. But also work to develop your ability to work with Power withoutrepparttar 122218 tools. Inrepparttar 122219 Keys To Power, we acknowledge that tools perform a service, yet we work constantly to improve ourselves torepparttar 122220 point whererepparttar 122221 tools are unnecessary.

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