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Written by jinsong

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Each Associated Program provides a page on their own website that allows Members to viewrepparttar FeederFund Account balance with that Program, thereby providing Members significant assurance that their money is just where it is supposed to be. Also, Members are more than welcome to join any Associated Program directly. All this information can be found inrepparttar 144626 "Links" section of each Program.

To set up or manage an Account, please selectrepparttar 144627 "My Accounts" link fromrepparttar 144628 Accounts section ofrepparttar 144629 Menu. This isrepparttar 144630 gateway page for all Accounts.

For full information about our opportunity, please takerepparttar 144631 time to read through our FAQ.

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Shut Up And Learn Something

Written by Steve Gillman

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Mind Power From Listening

If you sayrepparttar moon is closer, and I sayrepparttar 144481 sun is, one of us has to be right. If you say nurture is more important, and I say nature is, we're both right. The first argument has clearly defined terms. This isn't common, and even here, what'srepparttar 144482 point of arguing?

Inrepparttar 144483 second example, our arguments have to do with values and experiences. We've seen different things in life, and we could spend a lifetime defining "important," or I could shut up and listen. My mind becomes more powerful withrepparttar 144484 addition of your ideas and knowledge. Listening isrepparttar 144485 better way.

To breakrepparttar 144486 habit of arguing, purposely ask for peoples opinions, and listen without saying anything. You can ask them to clarify, but don't offer one contrary idea. Do this enough, and you'll be surprized how much you learn. Some of us are also surprized by how difficult this simple technique can be, but it works.

Steve Gillman has been studying brainpower enhancement, creative problem solving, and related topics for years. You can visit his website, and subscribe to his free Mind Power Course, at:

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